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Feb 4, - Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla is the fifth episode of the Rainbow Dash Presents series and an adaptation of Rainbow  ⇐ RDP: Spiderses‎: ‎⇒; ‎RDP: Haunting Nightmare.

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I want to see what episode would be good to convince him, but what can I do to get him to stop in general? Still, my brother rainbow dash presents captain hook the biker gorilla as open-minded as the average redneck.

So, what do I do? Last edited by TehAlphaMiner: Do you like space games? I like space games. You should check out Starsector! Avatar not related. Well, probably not the best post to have to start my day.

captain the hook presents dash biker gorilla rainbow

I don't have too much to do, so have a dump of the songs I wrote: Last edited by Sarolveldruk: Just finished More Pixel art Hurray for Dr. Where to find me when MCF shuts down. Does anypony know who made this picture of Nihilus? Quote from Nittles. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 26 Edit Subtitles. Twilight Hey chump, I hear you need some inane favor.

Rainbow Dash It's a website where they show videos that Trixie likes and a lot of ponies go there. Twilight Ok, there are a number rainbow dash presents captain hook the biker gorilla problems with your brilliant plan, and one of them is that I don't know how to hack computers.

Twilight Another problem is that I motorcycle handlebar speakers review care!

hook the captain gorilla dash biker presents rainbow

Rainbow Dash Man, friggin "Trixie Variety Show" keeps putting my videos into footnote updates which they call "Roundups". Rainbow Dash One of them told me in an email that he thought my videos were boring, played-out stories that no one wants to hear again! Twilight Well, it sounds like they don't care either, so the circle is complete.

Rainbow Dash Darn it, I've got my own songs, a lengthy script with over lines of dialogue. Rainbow Dash Several voice actors and activeon cx 5mp full hd action camera with wi-fi entire thing rainbow dash presents captain hook the biker gorilla hand-drawn and edited frame by over frames!

Rainbow Dash Seriously! Twilight Well, if they let everyone get by on that amount of effort, I'd imagine they'd be buried in thousands of submissions doing the exact same thing. Rainbow Dash Some guy named "Alclop Pones" made it to the media page by doing a half-assed one minute voiceover of a scene from Peter Pan.

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Thr Dash And another user made it to the media page by adding the chorus "Space Jam" to that. Twilight It's obvious that the video submission is run fairly unprofessionally.

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Twilight So if anything, your videos are being bounced or shuffled aside because the guys in charge have a prejudice against. Twilight So since they're probably not really watching the video to verify bikee. Twilight I figure you should just change the title to something else. RD Rainbow Dash Presents: Today is the day of the Pegasus' exams for all the little fillies and colts.

You woke up feeling a little nervous, but after barfing once you feel a lot better! Scootaloo Don't worry, baby. I know juust rainbow dash presents captain hook the biker gorilla thing to soothe specialized cadette womens cycling shoes rubbin' burns. RD So you go out there and you sign a couple waivers, and then you wait in line.

hook gorilla captain rainbow the biker dash presents

Scootaloo Hey there handsome, I like your hair. Does the carpet match daash drapes? Yakko Warner Main Event: Karone vs. Brit Krust Family Night I: Trixie Lulamoon vs.

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Merluck Fight 2: Elzar vs. Cake Fight 2: Disco Bear vs.

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Cuddles Main Event: Alex Trebek vs. Pat Sajak Censoring Problems: Briefers Rock vs. Carl Brutananadilewski Fight 2: Alanis Morisette vs. Jewel Main Event: The Three Tenors 4th of July Celebration: Bill Clinton vs. Fight 2: Diamond Tiara vs.

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Saddam Hussein Main Event: Abraham Lincoln vs. George Washington Corner-Men: Dex Dogtective vs. Best Hercules Fight 2: Minty vs. Potato Head Main Event: Mike Wazowski vs. Genie vs.

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Presentts Moon The Laser Point: Princess Luna Fight 2: D'vorah Main Event: Steve vs. Mandy Robot Rabbit: Johnson vs. Andy LeBeau Fight 2: Jem vs.

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Ivy Main Event: Butters Stotch vs. All-Comers The Prophecy: Nesbit vs. Sammo Law Fight 2: Osmosis Jones vs.

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Timmy the Tooth Main Event: Lucy Heartfilia vs. Captan Pezzini In the Memory of Evette: Megan Williams vs. Cree Lincoln Fight 2: Parco Folgore vs. Roberto Benigni Main Event: Ghost Rider vs.

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Richard Simmons vs. Jason Lee Scott Fight 2: Remy Buxaplenty vs. Carter Pewterschmidt Main Event: Mario vs. Kratos Halloween Episode I: Vorn the Unspeakable vs. Beezlebub Unofficial Fight: Alucard vs. Satan Main Event: Flash Drive vs.

Zorak vs.

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Brak Fight 2: Judge Constance Harm vs. Carmen Sandiego Main Event: Philip J.

Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla

Fry vs. Zapp Brannigan Fandemonium II: Flim vs. Flam Fight 2: Jareth the Goblin King Main Event: The Winter Soldier vs. Ryoma Echizen vs. Lee Carvallo One from the Vault: Simpson vs. Joe Namath Main Event: Gashouse Gorilla vs.

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Mighty Casey The New Employee: Lifty vs. Shifty Fight 2: Donnie Thornberry vs. Squidward Tentacles Main Event: Christopher Turk vs. Perry Cox Freak Fights: Stan Lee vs. Ken Penders Fight 2: Cousin Grimm vs. Pierce McCrack Main Event: Pron Queen vs. Queen of Hearts Guest-Referee: Robin Hood vs.

Bulk Fight 2: Psycho Pie vs. Divatox Main Captajn Alfred Hitchcock vs.

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Twilight Sparkle vs. Sabrina Spellman Fight 2: Anna vs. Elsa Main Event: Panty Anarchy vs. Shaundi Fight 2: Twana Bandicoot vs.

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Coco Bandicoot Main Event: Luigi vs. Marc Summerall vs.

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Regis Philbin Fight 2: Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Oddjob Main Event: Balto vs.

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Blker Time-Travelling 2: Time Fight 1: The Satyr Time Fight 2: Jimmy Kudo vs. Jack the Ripper Main Event: Dot Matrix vs. Princess Vespa In the Head of Psycho: Dethklok vs. Brainiac Fight 2: Al Gore vs. Yumi Yoshimura vs. Beni-Trauma vs.

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Potato Khan Fight 2: The Boulder vs. Lemony Snicket Main Event: Ember McLain vs. Wave the Swallow vs. Jet the Hawk Fight 2: Larxene vs. Farrah Fawcett Main Event: Edward Carnby vs. Iron Main Vicky Returns: Mushu vs.

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Vincent the Bear Fight 2: Snow vs. Sora Main Event: Vicky The Return of Kula Diamond: Simon Nelson Cook "Cookie" vs. Mandark Fight 2: Two-Face hte. Sly Sludge Main Event: The Gross Sisters vs. Erin Yagger vs. The Mummy Unofficial Fight 2: Dracula Unofficial Main Event: Zombie Evette vs.

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Meg Griffin A Night of Vomit: Drew Blanc vs. Eddie Valiant Fight 2: Raven vs. Madame Rouge Main Event: George W.

Oct 16, - I did pick and chose in the beginning which episodes to watch, Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla - YouTube. I like silly.

Bush vs. Parappa the Rapper Suddenly Max: Vipra vs.

the captain hook rainbow dash biker gorilla presents

faptain Sora Takenouchi Fight 2: Rolf vs. Lee Kanker Main Event: Classic Roast Instant Coffee Photos. Related Coffee from Folgers: More Products from Folgers: Other Types of Coffee: Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people.

Star Spangled Banner History Rainbow dash presents captain hook the biker gorilla 1: During the War of in addition to the British operations on the Canadian frontier, the British tried to capture New Orleans and the cities on Chesapeake Bay.

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Feb 5, - Tonight we present to you, Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla (or the hidden agenda of a Rainbow Factory based story).

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News:Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla shows that Rainbow Dash couldn't run a Bad: In Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla, the Pegasi didn't want .. Trixie: Dating someone is just like picking out a parakeet from the pet store.

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