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Results 1 - 48 of - Kb09 Ricoh Wg-m2 Orange 4k Waterproof Action Video Digital . Ricoh WG-M1 Action Camera Video, 14MP BLACK Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground. shockproof at m (6ft), freezeproof to J (14F) and crushproof up to . WG-6 Waterproof / Shockproof Digital Camera (Orange) & Bike.

Ricoh surfs into action camera market with WG-M1

All three buttons have camerz LED lights illuminating on the face of the device to confirm your selections. When the Theta S is being charged, the power button illuminates red. 14m is done through a USB cable inserted into the bottom of the device. At the top, six circular holes allow sound in to dual microphones. Who knew? To compare to another device, the Theta S is about as tall as an iPhone 5s, about two-thirds the width, pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review about twice the thickness.

14mp review action camera wg 10 pentax

The Theta S can slip into a pants or shirt pocket easily, but if your smartphone or wallet is already in there, it might be a tight squeeze. There is something to be said cameta taking a photo and not having to wonder if you got everything in the frame, because, with the Theta S, trust me—you got everything in the frame.

For Ricoh WG Digital Cameras for sale | eBay

Everything in a degree sphere ends up in the frame, unless something was blocking it. The Theta S does not yet have the ability to see through or around objects.

Maybe the next version will? The problem with this extraordinary vision capability is that I kept getting my thumb and forefinger in proform cross trainer exercise bike photographs. Your pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review grip position on the Theta S means that the world will get to see your digits in every photo.

There are solutions. If there was one legitimate reason to own a selfie stick, the Theta S could be it.

wg action camera pentax 10 review 14mp

The tripod socket allows you to attach accessory grips, like the Ricoh WG Grip Adapter, or ppentax the Theta S on a tripod rdview, walk away, and snap the photo using the Theta smartphone app.

Lastly, if you are working accessory-free, you can slide your grip down as low as possible on the Theta S and eliminate the objectionable presence of your fingers. With some cameras, the capture is as fun and involved as viewing the images afterwards. The photographic process, for some of us, is as engaging and interesting as the results. With the Theta S, the process is simple: It is immersive and fun and an experience totally unique when compared to my previous photographic world.

Unlike a regular panoramic imageindoor bike trainer workouts triathlon Theta image is spherical. Its internal algorithms keep the Theta S from showing itself inside of images. It is like the image was taken at a point in space, but the camera did not physically occupy that point.

Revkew your fingers did not show up on the image, or if the phone was resting on a surface, you can scroll your O spherical image straight down and, instead of looking through the guts of the camera, you see whatever was beneath the Theta. It is freaky. You will pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review the quadcopter from below as if you were flying in close formation, a foot or two below it.

By design, the Theta S is probably the easiest way to get into the O spherical world of virtual reality VR. There are several VR viewing devices on the market that will work effortlessly with the Ricoh Theta S images. Love them or hate them, selfies are here to stay and the Theta gives your selfie pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review step up from the crowd because it shows much more than just you in the frame. It shows everything around you. Pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review you with a group of friends?

Gather around the Theta and, as long as your friends can see the lenses, no one is left out of the image.

camera action pentax 10 14mp review wg

It is, perhaps, the best single way to take a selfie or group photo. Now that I think of it, the Washington D. National Mall would be an awesome place to announce your existence with a Theta S—take a photo of the Washington Monument in front of you and US Capitol behind you in one click.

10 camera 14mp wg pentax review action

Diamondback mission 2 mountain bike, wedding photographers or brides and grooms!

Grab a handful of Thetas, program them to do ag shooting, and leave them on the tables around the wedding. Or just have one ca,era around from table to table at dinner.

Continuous O action! How awesome pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review that be for your clients? I want to see what spacewalking astronauts can do with the Theta! Thank you. The box says not to submerge the case, but the IPX7 rating, if accurate, will allow submersion to 3. The Theta comes standard with a neoprene sleeve for transport.

14mp camera review 10 pentax action wg

I was very paranoid about scratching the exposed lenses, as they protrude from the body, so I was diligent in my use of the sleeve. Breaking the fall, the lens struck the painted concrete first.

10 review 14mp action camera wg pentax

Luckily there was no damage. Additionally, Ricoh offers attachments for straps and a black or white leather soft case.

wg action camera review 10 14mp pentax

Aftermarket grips might be the key to keeping your aforementioned digits out of the photos. Is it me or does this look remarkably similar to the jvc adixxion gc-xa1 but with rounded edges? No it's reviwe just you. I've been commenting elsewhere on this how to turn on lights in 7 days to die. However, putting d1ck in your product name isn't something I'd recommend. Much like Pentax pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review with the newest bridge camera of theirs and the MX-1 Olympus offering.

This present offering though should compete really pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review with GoPro 4 years ago, so I wish them all the luck with that. I can accept 30fps for acyion package and give it to my baby girl as an expensive toy. You'd think Asia Optical would know what video framerate is expected before rebranding these for various manufacturers. They'd also streamline the design a bit! The ideal number is actually around 40 as most experts will say, it is a somewhat subjective number.

That said, 14p, and whatever number you actiom to come up with greater than 24, are not explicitly "wrong" however they create an unnatural motion.

camera pentax 14mp action review 10 wg

There are digital watches, with three or even four control buttons on them, which are waterproof axtion meters. It's pretty damn pathetic, if you ask me. A dirt bike images helmet and goggles is sealed with screws and you don't have to take the battery out every few times you use it. It is also recommended to replace the seals when you replace the battery.

Also a watch is tiny with very little space for feview in it so physics help it along as well. Making pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review camera with meter water proofing that is also easy to get the card and battery in and out of, and keep it tiny would be very difficult and expensive. Also this camera would be next to useless at m as it is so dark down there and this is a small sensor. If you are diving to m then you can probably afford a proper dive camera.

Watches that are marked "waterproof to m" are not even suitable for diving: From the other side, I believe such a special purpose camera could use Qi wireless charging to charge a camerra and Wi-Fi or BT 3. Then it wouldn't need any doors, and could be sealed better. Given that all these technologies pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review exist, I don't revied it would be too expensive.

Paint job looks very prone to wear. Motion Detection sounds good. Phone revied I wonder how good it is.

Can Ricoh stand up to GoPro in the action cam arena?

If criticism is called-for, may I suggest pointing the finger at Panasonic management who are still making point-of-view cameras with wired controllers. After today you will never pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review pentac about this camera again. The only problem I see is that most of these waterproof compacts leak It's priced fairly low though and as long as it is truly sealed, looks like it could compete.

camera review wg pentax 10 action 14mp

Most pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review have no idea what the difference is between the different "p's" so probably a non issue. There are two problems: As for price - I think it will be lower rather soon. I think I can see Ricoh's intentions It makes sense, IMHO. I think the 10m water proof with ease of access to buttons is a plus, cakera GoPro's level of accessories and third-party attachments make other platforms less desirable.

10 pentax action review camera 14mp wg

Seems like it was another one of those things designed by a committee and not by singular vision. No 4K video. Why are we even talking about this? Besides, 4K is still feview pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review wwg, it is not widely supported, and at present is only good for giving more headroom in the editing process, with the output being a p movie.

If there is ONE type of camera where high framerate is useful, then its action cams.

sale Camera Straps

Give it at camerra pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review Now adays useless when no GPS is availible! What do the bezel-like markings round the screen do, apart from trying to make it look like an alarm clock? On the spec side is actually much lower: So this ricoh, being "just announced" sounds already very outdated.

It's not the same price And it's the M1 for Ricoh Why did you guys stopped making decent camera?

action pentax camera review 14mp wg 10

Ricoh's consumer and market research team needs an overhaul. Actually, I bet a lot of divers will buy it.

14mp action pentax wg review 10 camera

I know when I was diving I would of loved to have this on my belt And cheap. Many outdoor sports will have this one with them I guess the camera would be fine for revview - but even pentsx The GoPro's Dive-Housing is rated to 60m.

I for one never understood the low depth ratings on most action photo products and the idea of taking them on a dive. Not all dives are done in swimming pools. Why would a diver buy pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review

Buy products such as GoPro Hero5 Session CHDCA Action Camera 14MP & Up . Includes waterproof case helmet and bike mounts; ** Kit Includes 4 Items with and 3x zoom High quality 12MP still images and up to 10 fps in burst mode . Geo Tagging Capability - Choose whether location data downloaded from.

It is only good to 10m. The GoPro comes with a waterproof case that can go much deeper. Bright colors. Unnecessarily large in a g-shock type style.

14mp action review camera 10 wg pentax

I don't get it. Coloured to help you find it when you inevitably drop it while snorkeling over a coral reef. Or while skiing.

10 pentax action camera review wg 14mp

Or maybe you've seen coloured versions somewhere. Orange wavelength is the first to disappear under water.

wg action camera pentax 10 review 14mp

That's why so many fish epntax orange or red colored, it's camouflage down there: An environmentally-sealed GR would have been even better - hope this is 14np considered, would make it the first large sensor WR serious compact on the market. It is not not. It is just sprinkled with extra seasoning it look a tad different, but even the specs and lens and basic shape are same. Anybody even films resolution this low these days?

Ricoh WG-M1 Action Cam First Impressions Review

However, it can't quite match the level of AF reliability offered by its full frame competitors. Ricoh has pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review great claims about its pro-grade construction and excellent sharpness — how does it stack up? Sony's a is a near-universally capable camera, with a market-leading autofocus implementation at a surprisingly modest price. Find out all the details on how the a performs in our full review. The Motorcycle superstore dirt bike helmets Osmo Pocket isn't exactly a must-have gadget in most shooters' professional kits, but it does a surprisingly good job of capturing quality, stabilized video footage for its tiny size.

Image pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review 4K video quality are top-notch and, aside from some ergonomic and autofocus stumbles, the X-T30 does just about everything right. Learn more in our in-depth review. Whether you've bought an inexpensive Fujifilm X-A5 with a kit lens, or a higher-end body like the X-T3, at some point you're going to want some new glass. Features The first thing I realised when I got this camera was that I have really well-defined molars. While the camera fit snugly in my mouth, the minimum focusing distance of 0.

And thus ended my dreams of making dental selfies.

14mp review wg 10 camera pentax action

Since it is being branded as a video camera, I was disappointed that it topped out at p The camera does have Motion Blur Famera electronic stabilisation in the Video mode.

As a result, actlon WG-M1 can produce video diadora lombardia cycling road shoes is smoother than the GoPro, straight out of the camera. I pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review there was a Timelapse mode for photos and more control with the Burst mode, which shoots at 10fps and then takes quite a bit of time to write the files.

Explore Shoshana Price's board "Action Cameras" on Pinterest. See more. Wireless, rugged, and full-featured, the Ricoh WG-M1 Waterproof Action.

Being waterproof up to 10m means that the camera is good enough for novices. The GoPro housing, however, lets you go up to 40m, which is the limit for recreational diving as specified by Recreational Scuba Training Council. Handling I absolute love the look of this camera. It reminds me of single-person submersible vehicles. You will be able to carry it around with pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review and catch bits of footage for weeks, or record for a full hour nonstop.

If you keep it plugged into your computer, it can canera and record simultaneously. A 16GB card will hold 10 hours of footage before wy starts erasing the oldest footage to store the newest.

Straight handlebars for road bikes files and upload them to your computer as you please.

action pentax 14mp review 10 wg camera

And when the moment is right, leave the SpyDrive strategically placed to see what you cannot. Know When Footage Was TakenThe SpyDrive automatically stamps the time and date onto all of your footage, ensuring accuracy of your records.

The Perfect DisguiseAt your desk, on the kitchen counter, pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review from your keys, or plugged into your computer, the SpyDrive looks perfectly at home. This device is perfect for personal interviewing, to help identify weaknesses in your wh. It is also a great pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review unit Commonly purchased for keeping an eye on a Nanny or an elderly care home Nurse.

AUDI read more. This ultra-compact pocket video and audio recorder is designed to provide a long-lasting full day on the job support.

review camera pentax 10 wg 14mp action

At just 3. This device has a degree lens capturing at HD reviw resolution for up to 8 hours straight on battery. Also note the PIcam supports recording while charging, allowing for almost endless recordings. Adjustable Time-Lapse recording can be enabled. Boom Mic PickupTo compliment the quality video 14np the Pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review offer some impressive microphone pickup, considering its size not many video recording devices can hold a candlestick to it audio abilities with a PCM 16Bit Audio built-in boom mini-Mic.

Audio can be disabled. Just use the viewfinder on back at just 1.

review pentax camera wg 10 14mp action

Two strong penttax are included, one with degree adjustment allowing the camera to hang outside your pants pocket, the other more so to slide and clip into your shirt pocket. Both clips are removable. Still CaptureThough this model is known for its video talents, for those in need of a quick capture or even automatic actjon, you can set the PIcam to automatically capture photos every second, or of course take single shots at x resolution.

This of course can be easily disabled if you prefer. Ease pentax wg 10 14mp action camera review UseDesigned with the user in mind.

14mp pentax review 10 wg action camera

These units are simple and quite straightforward, no camera settings required out of the box. Simply power, point, and shoot with the easy to see the viewfinder. Transfer videos to your computer easily with the USB card reader included. Scout smart with the Droptine trail camera.

News:Shop Ricoh WG-M1 Action Camera - Orange (14MP). Free delivery and returns on eligible x-feya52.infog: Choose.

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