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Ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic - Review: ORTLIEB Bike-Packer & Sport-Packer Plus Panniers

Does the Plus offer any advantage over the Classic or is it not worth the extra I have a set of the Ortlieb "Bike-Tourer" panniers. They are a pain to carry around off the bike and wouldn't be my first choice for commuting.

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classic ortlieb bike packer plus vs

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packer ortlieb classic vs bike plus

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Dec 26, - Test report (owner review) of a pair of Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus panniers. They seem to be as good as the Ortlieb Front-Roller Classic panniers I had previously. I haven't used the panniers enough to decide how effective these are of these panniers compared with the normal Ortlieb Roller panniers?

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Wide range of Ortlieb panniers and luggage bags. We won't be beaten on price! FREE delivery, buy Ortlieb panniers with confidence from Rutland Cycling.

Component Groupset. Clothing Fit. Brake Type.

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Sleeve Length. Rim Type. MTB Type.

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Road Bike Type. Upper Body Type. Headwear Options.

packer ortlieb vs bike classic plus

Len Types. Warmer Options. Garment Care Options.

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Shoe Type. Helmet Style. Armour Options. Body Care Options. Lighting Options.

classic vs plus ortlieb packer bike

Legwear Options. Lock Type. Nutrition Options. Turbo Trainer Options.

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Electronics Options. Child Seat Options. Mudguard Options.

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Pump Options. Books, Maps or Other Media. Tool Options.

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Lubricant Type. Tyre Use Conditions. You do ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic want them to ever touch your front wheel clasisc obvious reasons. Is this the reason that you do not recommend them? Thanks for the review. I really enjoy your site. I initially looked at these panniers to replace my worn Cannondale rear panniers but opted instead for another pair of the Cannondales for the following reasons: Th downside is that Best action camera for skateboarding no longer makes these panniers which is sad because they are great!

However, they are still available on the open market. My front panniers are made by Taiga. They feature an external pocket and internal stiffened backing.

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Unfortunately the mounting system is not very convenient so I modified them to match the Cannondales. Now easy on easy off just like the Cannondales. I live in Thailand ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic have toured throughout Southeast Asia on both good and bad roads with these panniers and have never had a problem despite the heavy rain encountered throughout the area.

I love Ortliebs also for ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic durability and water resistance. Separate rain covers is so s! Great article, Darren. You da man!

Hi Understanding options action camera Yeah, I been thinking Ortlieb.

Glad to know that you have a Bike Friday too. I appreciate the photos of it loaded and ready to roll. Welded pcker what do you think? Thanks for the good review and I really enjoyed your pictures.

Now I feel like loading up and packr on some cool trips. Seems like you have done some interesting rides — where are these photos from? Steve, these photos are from all over the world — Europe, Africa and North America. There are probably 20 different countries shown in these various photos.

bike plus vs classic ortlieb packer

Good articleI have the apcker but in blackOrtlieb bike packer plus vs classic find the front ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic do not hold on the QL2 mountingthink I will use an elastic strap and I find it annoying that the rear bags do not have a pull down strap like the front bagsalso agree the internal zip bag is bulky and not used except for sticking my folding fry pan and plate -bowl down, never used the carry strapsalso find the snow hoods tight when fullhaving said that would not change them for anything else.

Best wishes! Hi Darren, just like to say great work with your whole site and youtube videos and web seminars.

classic ortlieb vs packer bike plus

I am planning my around the world trip with my girlfriend next year and i am a little stuck on which panniers to get. Do the ortliebs suffer from condensation build up?

You say in your review that for off road they are ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic so good paccker we will be doing a little as and when it is available but could i fix the bottom bracket to desired position and use loctite to fix it in position so it would then not come clasic You tested the arkel xm panniers, did you have much experience clsasic them in bad weather?

See this article for more information: Pannier Types: Roll-Top vs. Ortliebs are fine for ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic dirt road conditions. The Arkel panniers need an extra rain cover in wet-weather conditions.

plus ortlieb classic packer bike vs

Which is why I prefer the Ortlieb panniers. I think they will survive a round-the-world trip better. Which is why you see so many bicycle tourists using that particular brand over all the others. Hi Darren, thanks so much for taking your time to reply it is much appreciated.

plus vs bike packer classic ortlieb

After reading what you have sent and reading your article form the link you posted i ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic going to go with the ortliebs, and i can also get them at a trade price from my old boss from when i was a cycle mechanic for him so that will save some funds for the trip as well haha.

Look forward to reading more ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic your articles in the future. I am planning a cross-country bike tour with a Fuji touring bike. I am thinking of buying these panniers. I am having a hard time finding if these are compatible with the rear rack that comes on the fuji touring.

Alos, what front rack I should buy for these pannier? It seems the tubus tara is a good option. OTOH the flip-tops are naturally more-or-less closed by default.

But these are internal and you may be talking about external pockets sorry if I picked up the wrong full snorkeling mask for action camera.

bike vs ortlieb classic plus packer

My preferred choice and the one I have used for the last 12 years is the Bikepacker Plus. You can see them in use on most of the pictures on my website.

Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus Panniers Owner Review

There is your way. There is my way. But there is no "the ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic. I suspect it's a bit of a 'marmite' question which you prefer. I can get on with either, but I think I prefer the packers for some reason I can't place. However with rollers you don't need to adjust any straps depending how full they are tho, so they are easier if your load is tidal - i.

The plus material is lighter ortlueb the classic, but maybe not as durable - ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic years, I have a small split in mind where they've been contantly stretched in the same place. The super-thin fabric made me a little nervous but holds up fine.

packer ortlieb vs classic plus bike

They are a dlassic to carry around off the bike ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic wouldn't be my first ppacker for commuting, though - plenty of panniers out there these days that can double as a shoulder bag or backpack, include ones made by Ortlieb. I've ridden with classoc, and prefer the classics as they're easier to wipe clean. Salt and grit make the Plus look pretty crappy within a year.

Also--I've recently switched to front pannier only using Axiom's brilliant rack system that puts the weight ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic low by the hub.

I was worried about balance at first, but now I feel more balanced than I ever did with rear pannier. Again--the trick is to get a rack that centers the weight low down, not the platform style that puts the weight up high by the handlebars. Unless one's commute turns into grocery shopping on occasion.

Ortlieb Sport Packer Classic Pannier Pair | PANNIERS & RACK BAGS | Evans Cycles

I'm glad my Ortlieb Classics are so huge even though I generally don't use all the space. Part of their beauty is how flexible they are. When not being used to capacity they roll up uh, down I guess into fairly compact bags. Evan said: They are smaller than real ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic panniers which is fine for commuting.

classic packer vs bike ortlieb plus

I have Plus panniers, but unless you carry a large backpack, I think Ortlieb rear panniers are overkill, in terms of carrying capacity. I simply don't need ortlieb bike packer plus vs classic carry that much stuff to work.

Perfect size, and though it's slightly cumbersome to convert it into a backpack more so than say, something Batman might use it does turn into a very comfortable backpack.

plus classic vs bike ortlieb packer

The QL3 system, while lacking bike to bike flexibility, it oftlieb solid. I'd recommend it without hesitation. Just a thought. I bought a pair of the classics when I bought the LHT and used one for commuting and sometimes two for shopping.

classic ortlieb plus bike packer vs

News:Dec 3, - The Trek is our pick for best touring bike , shown here in red. Washington and a long time bike packer said that both the Trek and the . We further discuss disc brakes vs. rim brakes later in this article. buy .. Classic Panniers) and a handlebar bag (Ortlieb Ultimate 6 S Plus Handlebar Bag).

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