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Apr 1, - Chain is the key element of bike's transmission, providing the essential link power gets converted into forward movement, its very important choosing If you want to change it yourself, you'll need a chain tool to press the rivets. . What's the most effective way to break a bike chain without a chain tool?

How to Find a Master Rivet on a Bike Chain

That tool is a chain breaker. Chains are made up of a series of inner and outer plates, each held together with metal pins rivets that are surrounded by a washer roller.

A wituout breaker works by pressing a chain pin out to disconnect a chain, and if required, driving in a new connecting pin to put it back together.

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Our own self-confessed toolaholicDave Rome, tested as many rmeove breakers as he could get his hands on. Read on to find out.

Sep 14, - Without a chain, your cruiser would not work. Simply use this bike chain checker to determine how much stretch your chain has experienced. release the chain, you will need a bike chain tool to remove your cruiser chain.

I feel strongly about quality tools how to remove a bike chain without a chain tool not only make the task at hand easier and the outcome more precise, wthout that you only have to buy once. While all the tools tested are capable of pushing a pin in and out of a chain link, they certainly do so with varying degrees of ease, comfort, reliability, and repeatability.

A great chain breaker should be a tool that you simply drop a chain link into, and without chakn to think about it, drive the pin. I sought to find the chain tools that offered the easiest, most comfortable, and carefree removal of stubborn chain pins.

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Durability absolutely played a factor, too, along with any additional features that might prove useful. Qualitative testing proved too inconsistent. My test method used an accurate digital torque wrench to read peak torque, combined with an articulating oil filter wrench to turn the handle.

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However, this test was greatly influenced by handle thickness, and completely ignored the available leverage and actual comfort of the tool — often meaning the measured effort was nearly inverse to the perceived effort.

As a result, the test was thrown out. The winners were decided on an averaged score based on perceived value for money, comfort, ease of use, and durability. The value score was the most subjective, based on how well the tool functions, the general build quality, and what features are offered at the asking price.

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Often the chin chain breakers require more care, while the better tools are better at self-aligning the chain for more reliably trouble-free operation.

However, sizing a new chain to length is a topic that deserves its own article.

How to Remove Chain Links Without a Chain Breaker Tool | It Still Runs

Before you get to that stage, check out this easy guide on checking for chain wear. Learn more in our complete guide to chain cleaning. Chain quick links: A guide to easy connection.

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Not all chain breakers will work with all chains. A speed chain is narrower than an speed one, for example.

How to Remove a Mountain Bike Chain Master Link: A Simple Guide

The summary table see below will help sort tool-and-chain compatibility at a glance. Confusingly, though, some chain tools rated for speed tool use will also work with the latest speed chains.

Some of the tools tested self-adjust to accommodate multiple chain widths, using either a sliding chain shelf or a threaded backing plate that allows the user to manually set up the stop for the chain.

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Simpler tools generally use a fixed design and have more limited x. All work and have their benefits, but I must warn that the tools with threaded backing plates must be used with care, and are therefore slower and more of a fiddle. The tools tested vary greatly in size. In most cases, chain breaker size is proportionate to price. Spend more and the tools often get larger.

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The increased size means greater leverage and increased comfort in the hand. With newer chains featuring extremely tightly-set pins, that increased leverage can certainly help.

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However, there are obvious exceptions to this. For example, the X-Tools chain breaker tested is one of the heaviest tested, but reveals clear budget constraints in the build quality. Likewise, the Shimano TL-CN28 tool is small and mostly made of plastic, yet functions amazingly well.

This skinny pin is used to drive the chain pin and is a common point of failure.

How to Find a Master Rivet on a Bike Chain - Woman

Use a universal chain tool to push a pin most of the way out of the link. Repeat for the second pin and remove the link, then continue for as many links as you want to remove. Push the 2 new ends of the chain together until you feel the pins click into place, then reconnect the chains with the chain tool. To learn how to remove a bicycle chain, read on!

This article was co-authored by Ikaika Android phone not connecting to internet. Bicycle Brake and Chain Maintenance. Learn more. May 28, There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be tooo at the bottom of the page.

How to remove a bike chain without a chain tool whether the chain needs replacing.

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Count out 12 links, and measure them from the first pin to last pin. The distance between those pins should be 12 inches This is because pins are wearing out, chsin the chain.

This may are action camera batteries interchangeable up enough of the chain's slack to fix the problem. Purchase a universal chain tool if you don't have one. This tool pushes the pins out of your chain to allow link removal. If you know the make and model of your bike chain, how to remove a bike chain without a chain tool may prefer to track down a specialized tool for that specific chain.

Some chains, notably most higher-end Shimano and Campagnolo models, also bikke a special reassembly pin. Mount the bike on a bike stand. If you do not have a bike chaln, lean it against something sturdy, preferably upside down. This will make it easier to remove the chain.

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Clean the chain if it is dirty. Use a high-quality, biodegradable chain cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to dissolve any dirt or grease.

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This will make it easier to handle the chain chxin find the master link. Locate the master link. Your chain may or may not have a master link. It may also have protruding pins inserted into a special outer plate.

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This plate typically has an oversize, oval hole around one or both pins. Rotate the pedals until the master link is between the front and back gears.

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This will make it easier to access. This is common so do not worry if it happens to you. How do you tell if you need a bike chain replacement?

How to replace a bicycle chain

Upon first wtihout at your bike chain, it might not be obvious that you need to get a replacement. There are two different ways to do this. Note that just because your chain has stretched a little does not necessarily mean it is bad. You need to measure how much stretch has occurred in order to know if you need a replacement chain.

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Every time you pedal the chain undergoes tension. The tension you generate from riding causes your bike chain to stretch. The pins that hold each chain link together become worn after pedaling, especially if dirt collects on the chain. For the most part, bike chains are manufactured in standard sizes. This makes it very easy when trying to find the right size chain for your cruiser. The only variation is the width of the chain.

How Often to Replace Chains

You need remive make sure you buy a bike chain with the correct size width or else it will not fit and allow your gears to function properly. There are different sized chains required for single speed and multi-speed bikes.

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Below I have listed the two different standard size chains: You can find a variety of different bike chains online at Amazon. If you look at the Cycling section, you will be able to view pages of chains along with reviews. Grind the heads off of the rivets using the rotary tool with the grinding disc.

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Place the head of the flathead screwdriver between the middle of the chain and the top w on the chain, just below where the rivets were in Step 1. Twist the handle of the screwdriver to pop off the cap on the chain, and separate the two sections of chain.

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Repeat steps for the exact opposite side of the chain that you removed in the previous steps. Pull the chain off of the various sprockets and away from the vehicle.

News:Sep 14, - Without a chain, your cruiser would not work. Simply use this bike chain checker to determine how much stretch your chain has experienced. release the chain, you will need a bike chain tool to remove your cruiser chain.

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