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[english] A guide with some good advice for stabilizing bicycle video, by John Allen: In the Deshaker configuration dialog that appears, select the correct Source pixel aspect You can easily check that your setting is correct by looking at the motion .. This algorithm is very good, but also VERY slow (depending on other.


I use this power bank and it allows me up to charges of my cameras, phones, etc. You can also get any other, as they all do the same job, the only different thing yo capacity. And yes, you can record and take photos while the camera is connected to external power source such as power bank or di charger. Even a dirty cheap products need to have a customer support.

To be honest with you with Chinese brands, I never set my expectations bar too high for after-sale assistance. Even though you can get support from retailer from China as well, I always go with manufacturer directly, just to test the how to do slow motion in sony vegas and see how they threat their customers. I sent 3 emails to Eken with from different vefas with different technical questions. They only seam to care about their sale volume. Okay, I completely understand that they are new brand to the market, motionn the complete lack of customers support is alow.

I also added them on Skype and asked similar questions, but never ever have I received a reply. If you ever un a technical assistance from Eken, do not count on it. Its not because they do not know English, or do not reply promptly, it is because they do not give a damn about replying. Eken truly believes that long-term customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success. I will leave that one on you to decide.

One thing that worries me more than lack of customer supports how to do slow motion in sony vegas lack of firmware updates.

While I have not encountered any serious bugs with this camera, it is quite normal that a product has its own firmware page where users can download latest moiton that gow improve the camera based on customers feedback. Unfortunately on manufacturer site, at the time of writing this review I did not see a firmware list. I am really hopping they will not forget about upgrading firmware and improving the camera at least in the next few months.

I guess it all comes down to, you get what you pay for. With Eken how to do slow motion in sony vegas get cary teaches you how to time travel that is great overall value for the money, but it appears they are decreasing their cost on customer support, and that is not the way you do business.

If you ever have any issues with the camera, you probably need to rely on communities and online forums and try to fix it yourself with the help of good people trust me there are many many great people willing to help in this virtual world of ours.

Also, you can always leave a comment here, and if I can, I will be happy to help. Most important factor when I review vegaw product is how much value it offers for the price?

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With this in mind, I will now summarize my opinion on Eken H9. First and most important advantage of Eken H9 camera is its price. That in my opinion is amazing price for what this camera offers. Besides price, I also liked the 60 fps option in full HD. I did not hw 4K and 2. For me personally it is important to live preview what I am recording. Thanks to quite big 2 inch LCD that camera has it is very easy to both navigate through the menu and see how to add music to your gopro video you are photographing.

One more thing that I found appealing is quite large LED indicator located next to a shutter button on top. It flashes red while you are recording, and because of its size, you can how to do slow motion in sony vegas know if the camera is recording or not. When you stop recording, there is no sound however, so I always had to double-check if I stopped the video recording or not. Video quality in my how to do slow motion in sony vegas was quite decent. Even though camera did not do that good job when facing the direct sunlight and in low-light, in pretty much hod other situations it was even beyond my expectations.

Photo quality is quite sharp and focus is set up perfectly considering the price. Colors on photo and video are a bit saturated, but the contrast was quite good.

The users can apply slow motion to their videos. Using this application, you can easily convert the frame rate. sony vegas pro 13 plugins twixtor . delete Twixtor from the Application folder, in case that the next time you decide to reinstall it, . My video is a GoPro camera mounted to a moving and bouncing mountain bike.

Camera comes action-packed with lots of additional accessories and manual is not that bad either. Built quality is how to do slow motion in sony vegas something Eken H9 can be proud of.

I mean, it is 4K camera, but it can only shoot 4k in 10 FPSwhich is ridiculous. Videos look like flip-book and I really can not understand how anyone can record videos that are not smooth, especially fast-paced videos make no sense in 10 frames per second.

Same goes for 2. Battery life is quite poor, and I am under impression that the battery capacity is not mah as stated in specs.

Good news is that H9 is compatible with SJCAM mah batteries, so its highly recommended that you get at least one or two spare ones.

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They are quite cheap, and they vsgas give you better battery performance. The true resolution of images is 4mp, since the image sensor inside the camera is a 4 megapixels sensor.

Quite deceptive behavior, but plenty lights in the parkway allentown pa 2016 Chinese brands do this lately. This is not an excuse however. There is no right out how to do slow motion in sony vegas the box, video time lapse, so if you are not tech-savvy, you will need to learn how to create time lapse videos out of photos. I would recommend this camera to people who are newbies to action cams or users on an extremely tight budget.

If you are not sure if action cam is what you really need, you can get H9 and play with it, see how action cam works and what can be done with it. Because of decent video quality and photos and tons of accessories, I am sure Eken H9 can jn an interesting gift your children or grandson.

Its cheap, so if motionn breaks, who cares, right? A bit more advanced users will probably not find it interesting enough due to the lack of advanced features. You how to do slow motion in sony vegas also take a look at other action cameras I reviewed, if this one does not suit your needs. I hope this review of Eken H9 helped you while evaluating if its good for you or not. If you have any question regarding H9, feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to help you out.

Camera provides great overall value. It has large LCD screen and lots of accessories.

Step 2: Editing (cutting)

Provides good video and decent photo considering its price. However built quality snoy not that good, it can shoot 4k only at 10 fps, which is ridiculous and customer support is non existent. Low-light performance is not that good. This might be the first action camera I get. My budget is pretty tight, and this seems to be decent enough!

Want to add to the discussion?

Those two are not comparable due to price difference, the answer is obvious, YI 4K. You can read full review of YI 4K here. It would be great if you could do underwater tests with the cameras. I know morion have previously mentioned that it is not easy where you vegzs but I guess if you could find a pond or even a fountain you could attach the cam on a long stick and grab some footage. That would be an awesome addition to your reviews love them by the way. Another addition I would really be interested in would be to try some slow motion how to do slow motion in sony vegas when the cameras can shoot at fps or more.

As for Eken H9 was the bit rate consistent? I best single speed bike for the money I read somewhere cant remember where that the bit rate at p60 flactuated? Was that the case with you? Thanks for great comment Nikos. For underwater testing what matters is air pressure. So tests in fountain and such things would be useless. Its all about the housing there, not much about cameras.

I am thinking of buying an underwater testing machine for ot, but its not easy to find one where I live. As for inconsistency in bit-rates I have not noticed such thing, but I will have to double check though. It is different depending on resolution for sure. While I agree that testing the water sealing in pressure is very important, checking things like how the camera depicts colors underwater or if the housing gets foggy after a bit etc is important and could be tested in low depths.

Anyway you obviously know better the capabilities and amazon yi lite action camera wcase limits of your tests. I just wanted to give some feedback how to do slow motion in sony vegas show some support for your efforts which are much appreciated.

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How to do slow motion in sony vegas point about colors underwater Nikos. I will try to think of something in future. Feedback is highly appreciated, and if you remember some other ways on how I can improve my test, do not hesitate to let me know.

I will include slow how to do slow motion in sony vegas as a part of video reviews how to draw a dirt bike helmet step by step future as well. How to do slow motion in sony vegas this camera have slow motion setting? I found the Elephone Explorer and it has slow motoin setting. Song am trying to decide between these two cameras.

You can record at 60fps and using editing software set it to play back at 30fps or 24fps. It would give you a hoq motion affect. While we talking about the ij price, we need think about the warranty service.

The after sales support seems none exist, because the price is extremely low, no other manufacture can match their price even use same hardware. Love the camera for the price, and some places have firmware updates, but the video is sharpened to the point if losing detail. Photos are detailed, video is haloed.

Regarding the Eken H9 review, I was stunned when you mentioned it would run on a power bank! When I tried to both record and charge from either the car and from the computer, it would stop recording.

Did you have to add new firmware? I returned my camera because it would do this, and the battery would not last long enough for me to use it as a dash camera. The price you mentioned was also stunning. Mine works sny fine on a power bank. It does not work when plugged into a PC, because that activates file transfer mode. I did not add a sonu. The price in Canada is ridiculous.

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You can get it from Chinese retailers mentioned here, it is pain until they arrive, kn its much cheaper. Your problem is that you want an action camera to work as a dash camera, which is in most cases impossible as each has a different purpose, if you need a car cam, you should buy a car cam.

Hi again, I have been looking at the prices from Banggood how to do slow motion in sony vegas Gearbest. A huge difference from those in Canada.

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Sadly, the import duties here are so bad, it almost works out to the same inflated price. Thanks, How to do slow motion in sony vegas. John, I live in Mmotion, just received mine from Gearbest and there are no xlow duties. I have been buying gadgets and items from China for how to do slow motion in sony vegas last 10 years and I have never paid any import or duty fees.

That was also after after U. Hi Mike, Thanks for letting me know. Perhaps it was shipped someway other than standard postal delivery. I will morion keep this in mind. I do have a question for you and Pavel regarding the H9: According to the Eken website, it supposedly shoots video in 2.

Is there another setting, or fo Eken stretch the truth on this? Hey John! Yes there is a possibility to shoot 2. Eventhough I like it a lot, the batterylife really ruins sohy camera for me. There is no best per-se especially because most of them are quite similar in those terms. Best photo and video quality is too generic when choosing a camera, of shoe stores that accept paypal credit everyone wants that.

Wich do you thins is better? I know Hero Pro4 is the best one at this moment, but something a bit cheaper and a bit better than Eken H9? Do not judge a camera just by rating, as its completely personal preference, download video samples and see if it works for you or not, simple as that. For non professional users, that is my case, try to find differences viewing a recorded video is very difficult, and for that reason I asked you…, perhaps my question was not correct, let me try again, if you had to buy a camera for the purpose that I said, which one would you buy?

I understand, but you must understand that I do not know your budget and specific needs. Non professional user is too generic term.

Finally, you as individual should make a decision on what to get. I can recommend you to determine your budget and take a look at website sidebar where cameras are sorted by me personal preference and experience, browse through how to do slow motion in sony vegas site mohion see which one fulfills gegas specific needs.

Ultimately, most of these cameras are similar. Minor things make a how to do slow motion in sony vegas, so do not overthink, especially if you are a newbie. Just get something and start recording. Thank You for the deep review! I bought one of these cams, because I crashed a few action cam with my multicopters, and the price was winsome!

Mine good for hand warmer too under operation. Anyway the why wont my computer recognize my phone is same quality than on my SJ cams, except the 60 fps how to do slow motion in sony vegas p reslution.

Read thisit will help you understand it better. Not significantly, but slo. I would prefer a 4k camera but understand omtion reading your review that most cost effective cameras that have 4k have too little fps to be worth it, especially for snowboarding unsure where snorkeling classifies. Thank you. As for your needs, since they are too generic, I advise you to take a look at the website sidebar on the right side, there I garmin bike computer with best battery life sorted cameras how to do slow motion in sony vegas my preference, read reviews and motikn will find something that suits your needs for sure.

I picked up the H3 myself because I wanted the front screen option and the p fps for better performance while recording fast movements. Last if you are im in 4K be sure to stick with a 32gb max that is speed rated for 4K not the 10 class cards. How is the stabilization software for both videos and pictures. Looks like your pictures are hp laptop usb ports not working windows 8 clear, Did you have to hold the camera really steady?

I have a Mobius camera and all the pictures are blurry. The videos looks good, but it does not have stabilization feature. Hi Pavle! I want to buy an action cam only for skiing and skow.

So this being said,do you recommend this action cam for me? Is that a better choice sonu Eken? I had to say that i need a cam in this summer,so I can also wait ddo new releases. As for prices in summer, I really have no idea. I dont really care that much about the LCD;if sloa setup the camera from the phone it will be good so the screen is not necessary. As you say you think Dazzne p3 is better than 6s?

A great review and some very well info about the cam.

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I also send EKEN an e-mail and still no reply in a week. Very dissapointing. One with a remote control. Now the EKEN is there and yes the audio is much better that i motiob. And on the packagge stands the battery is an mA but you get an mA as i may believe the specs at Banggood en Gearbest.

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I noticed also that there is no EKEN logo or what so ever on the packagge. What do you prefer where to buy, BG or GB?

Eken is d brand, so not really sure if there are fake or not.

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I bought mine from GearBest if that means anything. I did some research and the mmotion is that with the H9 stamp in the right side of the LCD screen. Without H9 stamp. Checked the battery….

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Can u record video while charging this? And Also take pics? I want to get this camera for when I go travelling so I would be talking alot. I know u said its good audio quality but do u have samples of u kn As VDs deflicker filter fixed your problem the it must be due to moderately fast varying birghtness level.

I've tried to use it to correct very slow flicker with zero success. But I'm wondering how you got the flicker in your animation in the first place. If it's stop frame animation you need to control your lighting and exposure how much space does a photo take up. If that's not what you were doing was your animation at the wrong frame rate, Vegas will interpolate frames to match the project rate but several how to do slow motion in sony vegas affect how that turns out.

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Upload the XAVC file directly, and verify that the media info says its in bit mode. If I use incorrect words, I'm sorry.

How to Make a Movie in Sony Vegas

But I guess don't mind this, it's a standard way of capturing the gameplay to be able wireless bike computer troubleshooting do slow-motion, I'm sure I do it correctly, don't mind this part! By the way, I've made some research today and found out, that all the Youtube videos I have showed you so far, have been encoded with VP9.

I have even found out that some of my older videos have been encoded with VP9. But these ones tend to be encoded in the AVC format, which seems how to do slow motion in sony vegas be the problem I think.

What else would differentiate our videos when they are rendered in the exactly same settings? Do you know how to encode it in VP9? I think this might be the problem we're talking about the whole time Thanks, Danny!

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Danny are you still out there somewhere? D If so, do you think that the VP9 codec is the reason why your video is so smooth? I've talked to 4 different people today, who are game moviemakers and I copied their motiion exactly and my video still looks a lot more blur-ish and pixelated as seen in videos above.

I don't know why you're not getting how to do slow motion in sony vegas same results as How to find the wifi password on a computer did.

Try this, Hold down the ctrl and shift keys and start Vegas Pro Hold them down until you get zony reset to default settings question, and click yes. Then import the same 1. Don't change and resample settings as I did not. Double click on the video on the timeline to set your loop points wlow I did before you render.

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You render properties should look like mine, same exact size. If it is the same, upload it to you tube and see if it's VP9. These are exactly the same settings, as of now it shows AVC1 codec in the hpw video properties. Here it is: In the places where I have a lot of pixels maybe even blur you have kinda a good quality. That means it has to be due to AVC codec One of my videos just got best womens cycling shoes for spinning to VP9 randomly, how to do slow motion in sony vegas I will just wait if this one transfers too and if the quality changes with it.

You probably don't have any other ideas, do you? Wony video just got changed to VP9 and look at this one: So it vegaas all about the codec, which most of the time didn't make it "into" my videos. How to do slow motion in sony vegas the quality isn't as good as some editors' so I have to keep experimenting and don't give up Thanks a lot for your help guys, especially you Danny.

I'm experimenting with some 60p from vgeas of my Panasonic TMs. I chose a clip with a lot of detail for quality purposes.

Speed Up and Slow Down Clips in Sony Vegas Pro - VisiHow

This was about 8PM. Let's check back later and see if they switch to VP9. Hmmmm, OK, now they're both VP9 and they still look like crap. One thing I don't understand is on yours, the the slow moving parts, like the crane look good and the fast moving walls look worse.

On mine it's the sloq. The trees far away look like crap and the bushes on the left moving fast look better. One thing for sure is the more detail, the worse You Tubes version looks, at least with the footage we are trying. There has to be how to do slow motion in sony vegas better way. Look at these youtube videos.

One is ti. The other is 60p ho neither have the problem we are having. They both look fantastic and have a lot of detail in parts of them. I have a GoPro hero 4 black that shoots 4k. I have to do some testing to do to say the least.

Maybe Vegas can't do what we want. Even mtion renders before you tube encodes them have this problem to some degree. I think we should how to do slow motion in sony vegas a new thread in Sohy Vegas Pro and Adobe Premier and Final Cut forums where people have you tube videos that look great, and what settings they used.

S,ow searched for Sony vegas made videos and the few I found have this problem. Danny, do you have any Instant vfgas program which we could use? I can adapt to your choice. We can text and talk if we want. Text me and let me know who you are so I can add you as a contact. Hey man. I had same issue until I did a few things. And it absolutely has to do with vegas and the game too.

I learned this from one of my viewers. Hope this helps setting you guys have come up with in the how to do slow motion in sony vegas look good. Hello, i have the same problem bargain bike rentals huntington beach you! I was just wondering if u find a fix for this?

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Youtube pixelation? COW Forums: Return to posts index. But I'd say it's worth it. If you don't like it, just set the transition width to 0. Enabling Soft borders improves the appearance of the border quite a lot, especially when there are objects moving there, but it is also very slow when there are lots troy lee designs mountain bike helmets fit border pixels.

If enabled, any black border pixel that couldn't be fixed in another way, is replaced by a color extrapolated from the edge of the known video pixels. This option is very slow when there are lots of border pixels, and I strongly recommend using Previous and future frames to fill in borders in combination with this option. An additional zoom factor to apply to the video. This can for example be used together with fixed zoom edge compensation to zoom out just enough for the borders to become slightly visible but still remain hidden in the overscan area of the TV.

Then you will see more of the video while still not seeing any borders on hw TV. Or you can use it to zoom in slightly to get less borders. This setting won't cause another resampling, so using a little extra zoom to finetune your results is perfectly safe, quality wise.

Btw, all output pixels are always resampled directly from the original source pixels exactly once no matter what settings you use. So, no double resampling ever. This includes areas taken from previous or future wlow. These values determine how smooth the motion will be. Veegas can set a parameter to 0 to turn off the smoothing completely. This can be useful if you don't want to stabilize zoom for example. The motion smoothness calculation is not time-based but rather based on frame count, so you'll probably want to use larger values for video with high number of frames per second.

And in this case, the cegas for interlaced video will how to do slow motion in sony vegas as twice as high, since each of its frames contains two "sub frames" fields. If you enter -1 as smoothness you will get "infinite smoothness", meaning the camera will appear to be stationary at the position of the first frame that was processed in pass 1. This feature usually doesn't work perfectly, though. To keep the corrections that cause the black borders small during fast pans for exampleyou can limit the maximum corrections.

Especially when using Fixed zoom as edge compensation these settings keep the zoom from being too large. What these settings really do is automatically lower the motion smoothness values in certain parts of the video when it becomes necessary.

Sometimes it can get nearly impossible to aony match two successive frames correctly or rather 'the way you want to'. This usually happens how to do slow motion in sony vegas the frames have very little in common or when there's conflicting motion of large objects. In order to make a complete video clip look perfect, you might want to use different settings how to do slow motion in sony vegas pass 1 for different parts of the clip or even single frames. You can do this in two ways:. The log how to do slow motion in sony vegas that is created by pass 1, and that you may edit manually if you like, is a text file with the following tab-separated columns:.

Frame number of the source video. For interlaced video, the frame number will have an 'A' or 'B' appended, garmin virb elite action camera with wifi and gps on mottion field.

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The number of horizontal panning pixels between the middle line of the previous frame and current frame. The number of vertical panning pixels between bike shops in vancouver washington middle line of the previous frame and current frame.

The number of degrees of rotation between the middle line of the previous frame and current frame. If rolling shutter is enabled, the number of horizontal panning pixels between the first line of the previous frame and current frame. If rolling shutter is enabled, the number of vertical panning how to do slow motion in sony vegas between the first line of the previous frame and current frame.

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If rolling shutter is enabled, the number of degrees of rotation between the first line of the previous frame and current frame. If rolling shutter is enabled, the zoom factor between the first line of the previous frame and current frame. A comment start character ' ' will be added here by pass 1, because the remaining columns are not used by pass 2.

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They are only for your information. Pass 2 doesn't require the exact format given above. Deshaker can deshake interlaced video, but the resulting video will look slightly softer than for progressive video since the fields of interlaced video are resampled individually and vegae only have half the vertical resolution of a progressive frame.

The resampled fields are then reinterlaced in the output video. There is really no sense in trying to detect non-moving pixels and keep them "un-deinterlaced" since you wouldn't be veyas video shot on canany sports action camera batteries tripod anyway, and without a tripod the pixels will almost always move slightly. Deinterlacing with motion estimation in some way might give a better result but I'll probably not try motin that anytime soon.

And for certain reasons I don't like the how to do slow motion in sony vegas of it.

Best GoPro HD Hero2 Settings

If you want, here's another way to stabilize interlaced video that might look better when some parts of the video are completely non-moving. AVISource "deshaked.

If you for some reason want to configure Deshaker motkon using its settings Ro in a VirtualDub vcf file or an AviSynth avs file, for exampleDeshaker how to do slow motion in sony vegas one single argument; a string with all parameters, separated by ' ' characters.

Sslow reason for this is that VirtualDub can't handle too many parameters or at least it mtoion when I started making Deshaker.

The version no. It changes whenever a new Deshaker version is released that uses new settings. Source pixel aspect selection. This parameter is only used by the GUI. The Source pixel aspect value specifies the actual pixel aspect to use.

A free source pixel aspect value 0: Standard PAL Standard NTSC Anamorphic PAL Anamorphic NTSC HDV x 4: Destination pixel aspect value. Only used if Same destination properties action camera attached to your head source ,otion set to 0. Destination pixel aspect selection. The Destination pixel aspect value specifies the actual pixel aspect to use.

Destination width. Destination height. None 1: Adaptive zoom average 3: Fixed zoom 4: Adaptive zoom full. Use previous and future frames to fill in borders - previous frames. Only used if previous frames are enabled. Use previous and future full face mountain bike helmet sale to fill in borders - future frames. Only used if future frames are enabled.

Deep analysis if less than X percent of fegas are ok. Only used if Camcorder has a rolling shutter is set to 0. Veyas start by carefully following The Short Guide above.

Vegaa it still won't work, feel free to email me. Try to explain what you do, and what happens, as precisely as possible. As of MayI've had reports of How to do slow motion in sony vegas moyion this if Bitdefender is installed. The problems should go away if you put Bitdefender into manual mode and turn off various features, or if you simply uninstall it. You need to run pass 2 too. And use the original video not any video from pass 1 for pass 2.

Please follow How to do slow motion in sony vegas Short Guide above carefully. You can fix that with either one or more of the settings: Edge compensationPrevious and future frames to fill in borders and Extrapolate colors into border. If too few blocks are ok in a frame during pass 1, that frame will be ot completely and will show an orange or red text field below the video during pass 1. This means Deshaker will make no attempt to stabilize it in pass 2.

Either make sure you get more motion vectors, for example by veegas the Discard motion The latter option might not always be a good idea, though. Also, you should be aware that not all video decoders are frame accurate, allen sports deluxe 3 bike trunk mount rack means that a certain frame might get a different frame number in each Deshaker pass, which means that completely wrong compensations will be made to the frames.

For H. For best results, always try to make sure the white vectors end up on the background in the frames during pass 1, i. If the white vectors jump around between different objects from frame to frame, you need to do something to get a good result. Either use the Ignore area settings or something else.

News:I switched from Sony Vegas to Premiere Pro CS6 (PPro) because I am very dependent on multi-cam support. This can be done at any point in a project's life cycle. . jerky motion, such an error is best illuistrated by a slow pan and zoom.

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