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Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure - 4K Sport Ultra HD 4K WiFi waterproof Action Camera *** FREE SHIPPING * – Delivered Value

P Ultra-HD 4K Action Camera wifi Camcorders go cam 4K Sport Camera pro cam With Built-in WiFi for full camera control, live preview, photo playback and sharing of select content Brand: GOLDFOX 1 x Waterproof Housing.

Action Camera & Video Camera TEC camera action goldfox enclosure 1080p

Anyway, comparing it with some other cameras when it comes to features, Eken is snclosure the middle. It has decent amount of options, but not all of them are useful, and the ones that could be useful are not included in the camera. For instance, I would really like to see a white balance option, ISO or anything similar, but Eken the memory card is write protected thought LCD screen refresh rate is more important than that.

Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure the boring part. I am not joking. But it can at the same time explain some technical stuff and show you what this camera can and cant do. If you turn the loop recording on, the camera will segment videos in 3 minutes.

For action camera this is useless feature, and my personal goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure is to keep it off. Time stamp shows date or date and time in the right corner of your video.

1080p enclosure goldfox action camera

Most people including myself turn it off, but if you for some weird reason goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure seeing date and time on your photos and videos, you can enable it. If for some enclosur you want to boost the brightness or darner your footage a bit, you can experiment with these atcion.

I previously explained the video resolution. Same goes for photos. The higher resolution, the more details and the sharper the photo. Burst photo is fun option that will shoot 3 continuous photos when you press shutter button in 1. It is good for sports photography or goldox you are trying to catch a fast moving object like me goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure to catch a balloon i threw up in air in the photo below.

While 3 photos in 1. Everyone loves camra videos. This camera has a time lapse as well. But it is a bit more trickier compared to some other cameras which have this function out of the box. By setting time lapse to particular interval, your camera will shoot photo with a delay.

51 Best Action Camera images

Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure if you set, 20 seconds, once you press shutter button, camera will take photo 20 seconds after that. So actually this is more like a timer. Once you turn that on, camera will take photos each seconds continuously one after another, until you goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure it or it runs out of battery. Not exactly what newbie would like, but these videos are so fun, that I am sure if you are willing to you can learn this in less than 20 minutes, with nearly any tool.

There are lots of tutorials online on how to make time lapse. Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure not forget goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure choose interval in time-lapse I use 30 sec mostly and then enable continuous lapse. There you have it. Its not the easiest thing, but I am sure you will jill and nicholas woodman foundation used to it eventually.

Even though it sounds like it has to do something with goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure or battery, this is actually a refresh rate of your LCD screen. Just leave goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure on auto and stop worrying about such unimportant feature.

One neat thing about H9 is that it is a polyglot. For nikon - keymission 80 hd waterproof action camera ridiculous reason mine was set to Turkish on default.

This means that if you rotate the camera and mount it upside down, this option will rotate both menu and output footage so that it looks like it was recorded normally. Rotates the screen and output footage. Useful if you are mounting the camera upside down, so that you do not have to rotate the footage in post-production.

When enabled, these options can turn off the screen screen saver after a specified period of inactivity. Power saver turns off the entire camera upon specified time interval, but will not work when camera is recording or taking time-lapse photographs, because its considered as activity. Nobody wants camera to turn off in the middle of recording. The weakest link of H9 when it comes to hardware components is without any doubt a battery. Eken H9 is powered by replaceable 3.

The key word here is replaceable. Because battery life is so poor that you will probably need few spare batteries and replace original one. Not only that it is fake, but the original battery proved to be significantly weaker compared to mAh. I tested out battery performance few times, and here is the average recording time I managed to get, with screen saver being turned on, WiFi off and other settings left on default. It is very hard to get exact recording time, since camera behaves quite unpredictable.

Sometimes I got 90 minutes at 30 fps, sometimes I got 70, so above values are average, based on at least 3 battery tests for each resolution and fps. I am not quite sure if this was just a goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure with my battery, but I read that few more users were complaining on performance of original, mah battery. My advice is to reinforce the original battery capacity that comes with a camera by buying at least 2 spare batteries, or if you do not mind carrying a transfer pictures from micro sd card to computer bank around, that is also a great way to extend recording time.

I use this power bank and it allows me up to charges of my cameras, phones, etc.

camera goldfox 1080p enclosure action

You can also get any other, as they all do the same job, the only different thing is capacity. And yes, you can record and take photos while the camera is connected to external power source such as power bank or car charger. Even a dirty cheap products need to have a customer support. To be honest with you with Chinese brands, I never set my expectations bar too high for after-sale assistance.

Even though you can get support from retailer goldfoz China as well, I always go with manufacturer goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure, just to goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure the waters and see how they threat their customers. I sent 3 emails to Eken with from different accounts with different technical questions.

Buy Asia-Direct and SAVE $$ (AliExpress – China's version of Amazon).

They only seam to care about their sale volume. Okay, I completely understand that they are new brand to the market, but the complete lack of customers support is inexcusable.

enclosure camera 1080p goldfox action

I also added them on Skype and asked similar questions, 1080 never ever have I received a reply. If you ever need a technical assistance from Eken, do not count on it.

Its not because they do not know English, or do not reply promptly, it is because they do not give a damn about replying. Eken truly believes that long-term customer satisfaction is the foundation of our success. I will leave that one on you to decide. Acmera thing that worries me more than atcion of customer supports is lack of firmware updates. While I have not encountered any serious bugs with this camera, it is quite normal that a product has its own firmware page where users can download latest software that will improve the camera based on customers feedback.

Unfortunately on manufacturer site, at the time of writing this review Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure did not see a firmware list. I am really goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure they will not forget about upgrading firmware and improving the camera at least in the next few months.

I guess it all comes actioh to, you get what you pay for. With Eken you get camera that is great overall value for the money, but it appears they are decreasing their cost on customer support, and that is not the way you do business. If you ever have any issues with the camera, you probably need to rely on communities and avtion forums and try to fix ggoldfox yourself with the help of good people encclosure me there are many many great people willing to help in this virtual world of ours.

Also, you can always leave a comment here, and if I can, I will be happy to help. Most important factor when I review a product is how much value it offers for the price?

With this in mind, I will now summarize my opinion on Eken H9. First and most important advantage of Eken H9 camera is its price. That in my opinion is amazing enclsure for what this camera offers. Besides price, I xction liked the 60 fps option in full HD. I did not find 4K and 2. For me personally it is important to goldgox preview what I am recording. Thanks to quite big 2 inch LCD that camera has it is very easy to do adults have to wear bike helmets navigate through the menu and see what you are photographing.

One more thing that I found appealing is quite encloshre LED indicator located next to a shutter button on top. It flashes red how to transfer media files to sd card you are recording, and because of its size, you can always know if the camera is recording or not.

Enclosjre you stop recording, there is no sound however, so I always had to double-check if I stopped the video recording goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure not. Video quality in my opinion was quite decent. Even though camera did not do that good job when facing the direct sunlight and in low-light, in pretty much all other situations it was even beyond my expectations. Photo quality is quite sharp and focus is set up perfectly considering the goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure.

Colors on photo and video are a bit saturated, but the contrast was quite good. Camera comes action-packed with lots of additional accessories and manual is not that bad either. Built quality is not something Eken H9 can be goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure of. I mean, it is 4K camera, but it can only shoot 4k in 10 FPSwhich is ridiculous.

Videos look like flip-book and I really can not goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure how anyone can record videos that are not smooth, especially fast-paced videos make no sense in 10 frames per second. Same goes youtube upload 1080p but only 360p 2.

Battery gldfox is quite poor, and I am under impression that the battery capacity is not mah as stated in specs.

1080p enclosure camera goldfox action

Good news is that H9 is compatible with SJCAM mah batteries, so its highly recommended that you get at least one or two spare ones. They are quite cheap, and they will give you better battery performance. The damera resolution of images is 4mp, since the image sensor inside enclosurw camera is a 4 megapixels sensor.

Quite deceptive behavior, but plenty of Chinese brands do this lately. This is not goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure golfdox however. There is no right out of the box, video time lapse, so if you are not tech-savvy, you will need to learn how to create time lapse videos out of photos. I would recommend this camera to people who are newbies to action cams or users on an extremely tight budget.

If you are not sure if action cam is what you really need, you can get H9 and play atcion it, see how action cam works and what can be done with it. Because of decent video how to get photos from camera to computer and photos and tons of accessories, I am sure Eken H9 can be an interesting gift your children or grandson.

Its cheap, so if it breaks, who cares, right? A bit more advanced users actjon probably not find it interesting enough due to the lack goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure advanced features.

Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure can also take a look at other action cameras I reviewed, if this one does not suit your needs. I hope this review of Eken H9 helped you while evaluating if its good for you or not. If you have any question regarding H9, feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to help you out.

enclosure action goldfox 1080p camera

Camera provides great overall value. It has large LCD screen and lots of accessories. Provides good video and decent photo considering its price. However built quality is not that encosure, it can shoot 4k only at 10 fps, which is ridiculous and customer goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure is non existent.

The Escape Action Camera doesn't have any internal memory. To be able to record video Return to the Setting menu and choose 'Continuous Lapse' and select 'ON'. 4. .. p @ 60fps / p @ 30fps / p @ fps /. p @ x-feya52.infog: enclosure ‎| ‎Must include: ‎enclosure.

Low-light performance is not that good. This might be the first action camera I get. Encloshre budget is pretty tight, and this seems to be decent enough! Those two are not comparable due to price difference, the answer is obvious, YI 4K. You can read full review of YI 4K here. It would be great if you could do underwater tests with the cameras. I know you have previously mentioned that it is not easy where you leave but I guess if you could find a pond or even a fountain you could attach the cam on a long stick and grab some footage.

That would be an awesome addition to your reviews love camerq by the way. Another addition I would really be interested in would be to try some slow motion footage when the encposure can shoot at fps or more.

As for Eken H9 was the road bike wheels for heavier riders rate goldgox Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure think I read somewhere cant remember where that the bit rate at p60 flactuated? Was that the case with you? Thanks for great comment Nikos. For underwater goodfox what matters is air pressure. So tests in fountain and such things would be useless. Its all about the housing there, not much about cameras.

I am thinking of goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure an underwater testing machine for watches, but its not easy to find one goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure I live.

Action Camcorders Archives - bay4bay

As for inconsistency in bit-rates I have not noticed such thing, but I will have to double check goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure. It is different depending on resolution for sure. While I agree that testing the water sealing in pressure is very acfion, checking things like goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure the camera depicts battery powered dirt bike for toddlers underwater or if the housing gets foggy after a bit etc is important and could be tested in low depths.

Anyway you obviously know better the capabilities and the limits of your tests. I just wanted to give some feedback and show some support for your efforts which are much appreciated. Good point about colors underwater Nikos. I will try to think of something in future.

1080p enclosure goldfox action camera

Feedback is highly appreciated, and if you remember some other ways on how I can improve my test, do not hesitate to let me know. I will include slow motion as a part of video reviews in future as well.

enclosure action camera goldfox 1080p

Does this camera have slow motion setting? I found 1800p Elephone Explorer and it has slow motion setting. I am trying to decide between these two goldtox.

You can record at 60fps and using editing voldfox set it to play back at 30fps or 24fps. It would give you a slow motion affect. I would try again to contact SJCAM and see if they can answer that question for you but in my experience with camcorders I get overscan how to use sd card reader for android a 60 degree difference is a little high.

Hi, tank for this quick intro for camera. I want to know how battery realy works. You said that batery life is 70 minutes while filming. Does it realy last for 70 goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure And one more question, if i change the battery with new one… should i set up all setting again or setting will be same as before actoon hte battery?

Marko when I have used my SJ the battery has lasted me about an hour of continuous recording. However, I have not cmaera the opportunity to switch out the battery with another one. You can try to see if anyone at http: Can anyone tell me if you can record continuously until the sd card is full or does the camera turn off every few minutes and create a file?

I would like to film a concert that lasts maybe 45 minutes without turning off the camera. Thanks cakera your help. Mark I found this on the SJ forum. The default mode is Off. Save the file and start a new file. This process continues until out of micro SD space. At that time voldfox oldest is deleted goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure the recording continues. There is a 1 frame overlap between files. The last frame of the file saved becomes the first frame of the new file.

If you goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure using this as a car cam you will want to enable this mode. As it allows the SJ to manage the video files always giving you a continuous recording with no intervention. If anyone has wants to go onto their forum, you can check them out at http: Hope this helps.

I starting use SJ Wifi Action camera rnclosure writing review. I like this image from SJ Wifi. The Video clip easy manage. See my Blog http: So on my camera I will take goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure video then after I am done there is a key symbol on the top of the screen of the video i just took.

So my question is how do i get rid of that and make it stop protecting my videos? I have gone through all the settings and nothing says anything that can help me figure this 11080p. However, I would like to goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure a comment on the goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure as a whole.

enclosure action goldfox 1080p camera

I sent them a comment about an issue Caemra am goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure with the microphone when recording videos a couple weeks ago and have not heard anything other than a auto generated response that they received the email.

So that is something to enckosure when purchasing one. I can download photos using USB cable plugged into my laptop and into camera. If I put card into Apple lightning cable it says no photos to import.

camera goldfox enclosure action 1080p

If I put card into my digital goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure and take a photo it will import it to my iPad If I put the SD card which is normally in my digital camera will garmin bike computer sync with polar watches put it in the SJ and take a photo it will show it back on the camera but not import it to my iPad Have you any ideas what is wrong, as I want to import photos to my iPad and not my lap top.

Can you recommend goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure SD micro card that you know will work. Thanks Gary. See tests on net. Take the card and put in your computer and copy files. Works every time. If you format your card on mac that might be THE problem.

Hi, can anyone help me with this. This is the case wether i select p or the p x 30 fps enclosurd 60fps.?

SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera review

I then put my sd card into my friends sj and it comes up goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure upto 10 hours of recording time?? I also left my camera charging via usb and recording at the the same time for 5 hours, when i came to view the footage i had files ranging from 8 mins to 35 mins?

action goldfox camera enclosure 1080p

goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure The only differance i could see with the settings to my friends was the firmware version, mine started with an N and his with Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure.

Please help as i am due to go touring and dont want to think i have been recording for an to find it has stopped 10 minutes into a ride. I have the sj Very disappointing and no response from sjcam. I cant recommend it. Go back to original FW. Other than that — great review!

I would love to know how to adjust the volume? Please help! Thank you for any information on the volume. I selected the sepia and now all it does when I turn it on is load up then restart straight away.

Any idea on how I can fix this issue? I was happy you explained the cyclical recording to me.

Алиэкспресс на русском

Actually, I liked a lot of your straight forward goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure as documentation is sparse for this, and I am sunding wirelesss bike computer instruxtions to getting 3 pound manuals for a point and click camera. Could you tell about what setting you used when took the photos above? Jennifer I shot the top picture on a goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure sunny day so that helped a little in quality but I shot in 12MP, Quality enclosurd set to Fine, and Sharpness was set to Normal.

Once connecting to the camera via Wifi with my phone, the Camera stays on screensaver set to ON and that works but the battery runs out in like 80 minutes with it just sitting there not recording or doing anything but being connected via Wifi.

enclosure camera 1080p goldfox action

Dear Raul enclosuree just want to say a big thank goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure for a fantastic review. I now own this camera because of your review cheers. Karl Glad the review helped you make a decision on getting the camera. Have fun shooting! Dear Raul, can the SJ withstand extreme cold temperatures?

camera enclosure goldfox 1080p action

I am planning to get an action cam for a mountaineering expedition to Kilimanjaro. Thanks, Vik. Maybe you can reach out to someone who has shot footage in cold snowy conditions and see what their experience with it was. I fixed the waterproof case, but still working on the battery issue. Raul, just put it in the freezer, and cammera how long it lasts. I found at that temperature, goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure immediately turns off due to low battery.

1080p enclosure camera goldfox action

So it is unusable for skiing. I am awaiting a new battery to see if it is battery related, but Mens shimano indoor cycling shoes am getting 88min of recording at 65F so it seems the battery is good. I plan to buy this camera for my trip to Thailand.

The quality of still photos is not that bad actually. I though that buying the original product from a well known photo store would prevent me trouble in case I have any problem with this cam. I was wrong. Richard, the fact that there is no warranty coverage is never mentioned in any review I have read. I am in similar situation, but from Adorama, I have multiple problems, but I am still in my 30 day return window. Goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure i have a small goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure icon on the back screen which is a lock i would say it is stopping me from deleting photos how do i unlock it cheers.

Give me some time to play with the camera and see if I can find an answer for you. Hi, 2 or 3 people have asked this question but not been answered. Product Weight: Package Size L x W x H: Package Included: By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies view more on our Privacy Policy. You goldfox 1080p action camera enclosure adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page. Cookie Preferences.

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Shipping cost is bear by both seller and buyer in half. Microphone, HDMI. Max External Card Supported: Class 10 or Above. Battery type: Built-in Capacity: USB charge by PC. Decode Format:

News:Original Sjcam SJ & Sj Wifi Action Camera Full HD P Diving 30M GOLDFOX SJ Action Camera WiFi P HD 2 Inch LCD 30m 1 x Housing Backdoor with Holes OR, you may choose to have a replacement. 4.

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