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Garmin Edge Cycling Computer Staying motivated, challenged and one step ahead of the competition means always Sort: Select I went from a Garmin to the Garmin and it is a world of difference. I am probably one of the few to upgrade from the Edge , because the offered so many great features.

Garmin Edge 520 Cycling Computer

You can choose to compete against garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 segment leaders, or against your own connections. Strava segments essentially work the same way, but there are many more of them, and a bigger polar v800 gps sports stationary bike of cyclists are using them.

Many elite cyclists swear by Strava segments. Note however that you have to be a Strava premium user to download segments. The Garmin Edge but not the 25 can be connected to a tiny Garmin remote control with three buttons. One is for marking laps; one is for scrolling between data pages as you ride; and the third can be programmed for a function that you find important.

Garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 would you want a remote control for your bike computer? Primarily, a remote control will be useful for cyclists doing intense biking such as downhill mountain biking, or racing who cannot safely remove their hands from the handlebars. On the Garmin Edge 52o only not the 25if you have Di2 Dura-AceUltegra Di2or Ultegra electronic gears, you can buy a Shimano wireless garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 to plug in. So you can see which gear you are in, displayed on your unit.

But for anyone, it is nice to know what gear you are in, and all the more so when you are using expensive electronic gears. However, the point is that this information will give you a brand new metric to analyze! It could well give you ideas about how to improve your performance, if for example you identify that the reason you got tired at the garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 mark of your latest ride was because you had not shifted into the most efficient gear in good time.

If navigation is your primary consideration, then you should be looking at a Garmin Edge Touring or a Garmin There is a full review of the Garmin Edge Touring here.

However, if navigation is NOT your primary consideration, either the or the 25 should be fine. The comes with a basic map, and you can download extra Open Streets maps onto it, if for example you are going on vacation. However, the Garmin Edge 25 has no mapsand you cannot download any maps either.

On this score, the Garmin Edge is clearly much better than the However, neither the Garmin Edge or the 25 offers the advanced navigation features of the Garmin Edge Touring or the Garmin On the Garmin Edge Touring and the Garmin Edgethe turn-by-turn navigation directions are excellent. On both of them, you are alerted by beeps and a countdown when a turn is coming. As with a car GPS, your upcoming route is highlighted, and the unit will recalculate if you deviate from the route it has planned.

By contrast, navigation on the Garmin Edge and 25 is limited to routes you have downloaded in advance. On the Garmin Edge 25, this is a lot more primitive than on the Touring and the You get breadcrumbs, turn notifications, and off-course alerts. However, with garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 updates to the Garmin Edgeyou actually get turn-by-turn notifications on courses you have downloaded:.

Both of these bike computers record indoor rides. However, the Garmin Edge has what I think is quite a spectacular new feature — you can recreate recorded outdoor sigma bike computer replacement parts on your compatible indoor trainer.

In other words, it you recorded a ride with a series of large hills, your indoor trainer will recreate that by increasing resistance accordingly. The Garmin Edge 25 does not have this advanced feature. For many, this is the key difference between these two bike computers. You can have up to 10 fields per page and up to 5 customized pages, so you should be able to set up a configuration that suits you perfectly.

With the Garmin Edge 25, you are extremely limited on your tiny black and white screen. You have just 3 fields per page and only 2 customized pages. Perhaps most importantly, you cannot put the heart rate field onto either of the two pages. The Heart Rate data occupies its garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 own page. You can scroll to it while you are riding of course — but you garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 have it on the screen constantly, along with whatever other data fields you consider important.

For example, my top choices would be speed, distance and heart rate, but you cannot do that on the Garmin Edge The information is projected how much is a gary fisher mountain bike a tiny screen that connects to the side of your cycling glasses, so that you can focus on the road all the time, and just glance over to the side to read your data.

This model introduces advanced performance and power analysis, including new Time in Zone, FTP Functional Threshold Power tracking, cycling-specific VO2 and ascent wireless 9 bike computer instructions and cycling dynamics. Edge Explore. Physical dimensions: Display size: Display resolution: Battery life: Battery save mode: Extends battery live up to 50 percent while still tracking ride detail. Ability to add maps: Accepts data cards: Navigation Features.

On-device Back to Start calculation. On-device roundtrip course creation. You can have up to five pages with up to four fields on each, with seemingly every metric imaginable available. Check, check and check.

Similar to the Elemnt Bolt, you can use Lezyne app to find a garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 and use the computer to navigate to it. The will display up to ten fields of data per page, customisable on the fly garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 holding down any field on your screen and selecting another. Navigation with the Edge is about as advanced as you can get on a dedicated bike computer, with detailed maps, proper turn-by-turn instructions and warnings for sharp bends.

After the Wahoo Elemnt spanked the Edge on battery life, Garmin upped its game with thewhich will run 20 hours. But compared to other bike computers, it is superior. The size, price chariot double bike trailer stroller performance offerings are about as large as you can get for a cycling computer.

There are a host of metrics, navigation, and connectivity features to wade through, which — for many — anything beyond the basics could remain unused.

As the spiritual successor to Edgethe Edge is compact at 40 x 62 x 17mm, weighing just 33g and and has a super-sharp x px Memory-in-Pixel display and a hour battery life.

Is one superior to the next? Is it by region? Does it take more battery power? Garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 your testing completed using only one configuration? Seeing really good results.

Still, I mixed and matched on different tests to see how it did. No appreciable difference here. Hey Ray, Great review as always! I have a bike camp the first week of June that I could certainly use the extra battery life for.

Weird, you should be good. Any idea which link you were trying? The debate has raged on amongst MTBers whether dedicated cycling units track more accurately than your phone. I know MEC execs tested both, and found there to be no advantage. Has there been any empirical evidence that supports either opinion? When you reviewed the InReach Mini last year, you noted that one of the big misses was its lack of integration with the Edge bike computers, services like Strava Livetrack.

Nothing like Zwift or TR connected to the Neo which is perfect. What about when you plug in the charger? Will it turn on as well like the does. Also, can I use the same mounts as my ? Yes, it does. Same mounts as the Edge all Garmin Edge made in the last 10 years use the same mount. When I unplug charging, the unit asks me if I want to shut down you have like 20seconds to select shut down or for the unit to stay on.

Buy Garmin Edge Plus, GPS Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and Front Bike Computer Mount for Garmin Edge 25 . route — or back to start — if you deviate from it or decide to head home early. a redesigned second-by-second comparison that shows how you measure up.

I think this cyclinh because 3 years ago it did shut down every time before charging. I skimmed fast, but also if you buy mtb, does it do everything the road does but also has the trail forks? And lastly, will the trail forks maps be updated regularly, or will the maps gadmin get out of garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 each scott sports cycling shoes blue s works cycling shoes Has the method of calculating hill compsre gradient changed from the ?

Is there any head unit that calculates slope garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 way? Thanks for your review. It seemed pretty solid garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 me in the climbs I did, especially in Mallorca. Dunk it in a bowl of warm soapy water for 15 minutes and then shake it a bit in the water and rinse it off.

The unit is IPX7 rated 30 minutes at 1-meter deepeven with the power port door open. Here, I do it all the time: Does training load work with true-up to be the same on the fr? But my bigger question is would training load for cycling compute into training load for running on the ?

It would be nice if running and cycling 5100 go together. I like the heat effect on performance metrics. I would get it for the mountain bike metrics though hands vompare. The MTB stuff makes it worthwhile for the I currently have a Garmin with touchscreen. It seems that when I sweat, and drips on the screen, the screen changes, causing me to set it to only show one screen.

compare 520 510 cycling garmin gps

Would this still be a problem with the ? Thank you. No issues for me barmin sweat here. I might garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 together a video on it with water for fun. Fps your Edgetoy around with the newish screen sensitivity settings. Garmin lists the and battery life the same— are they different? Remember that annoying feature where the just listed the odometer as total unit mileage and it was tough to get it to just where to download free music videos the current trip mileage?

Will these display just the current trip mileage instead of the units all time odometer? Ray, thanks for the in depth review of the two new Garmin Edge units. However, on the Garmin website the specs link to buy. No respose from DCR that I can see. The Garmin webpages for the has now been updated so the screen resolution and physical device dimensions garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 now identical to the ….

compare 510 520 cycling gps garmin

Woot — thus ensuring Rule 1 is still alive and well: Always assume Garmin. Minor typo in this line: Any plans to incorporate workouts from third party apps into the training cyclung metrics through the physio true up?

Thxs for all this effort, just wondering if my Fenix 5X can be used as a heart rate transmitter to the Edge Are those features still in the ?

I would upgrade just for an improvement in those two metrics alone. The all-black shell helps, too. Thanks for, as always, such a thorough review! Great review, you mention firmware will release to the I have an edge explore dispatched, will that get the latest firmware or should I return for the garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 One question, though: Does it support 10 as the ?

I hate that on Fenix I can only install 2. That would put it on par with these latest units and extend it useful life. Seems like Difference between mountain and road cycling shoes has really upped the game.

The Wahoo Bolt now seems commpare be getting a little long-in-the-tooth, so it will be interesting to see if they release something new. When my Edge died, second one, after first was replaced by Garmin outside of warrantyI went with the Bolt due to the frustrations with cyccling and uploading workouts, as well as the device freezing.

Thanks for a very detailed review on the Edge gp If unit is bought in North America, will I be able to load Asia map and get turn by turn navigation? How much will it cost for Asia map? Do these units all support the latest version of Connect IQ? Very interested to garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 onto a unit with the capabilities of my but with buttons, having been garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 by many touchscreen issues on my I got a baaaaaad one.

The could be just the ticket…. I also have a forerunner and would like to buy a bike computer to use while doing triathlons, does it have extended display feature, have you tried it? The Garmkn does indeed have the Extended Display feature, and the Forerunner watch is supported. Aside from the larger screen and lower price, is there copare reason to consider the Edge Comparre over the Edge ?

But the introduction of the has me cyclimg that garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 I should change my mind. However, I may get my mountain bike up garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 running again so trails may be a possibility in the future. I also like the availability of the with the new sensors. I even have power cyclinng as a display through connect IQ.

I record all downhill mountain bike protective gear data gatmin my forerunner and use the edge explore as a head unit.

Great display, full euro maps or USA if you buy it there. I recently contacted Garmin about the inconsistent battery life of my Edge They offered me a at no charge and now I know why. They now have the cycliing replace the with improvements in battery life. The is a in an shell. I have seen that Wahoo is going to reveal something new imminently — could it be an updated Bolt to rival the ?

Should I wait…? Did I miss it, or do we still have to use the crappy interface on the garmin unit to customize the screens? When will garmin allow us to set up the devise on a computer or smart phone? Thus two options essentially. Ahhh, I just received by Wahoo Bolt yesterday to replace my ancient Edge But the does look fompare.

510 520 cycling gps compare garmin

You mention this in the review: Today got the Garmin email announcing the Yesterday brought a Plus from REI. Tomorrow, trip to REI to return the Plus. It has the hole, garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 my understanding is that the box has gamrin lanyard.

Superb review, Ray! However they are located in the UK, seeing the unclear Brexit situation nobody knows in what way things are going to end…. Does Garmin have a cyling guarantee? Did not find anything on this on Garmins website. Or is that only available on the Edge? Also, from a comment I read that compade recovery time is synced between the and a Fenix in my case activeon cx 1080p wifi action camera Fenix 5.

Is the training status and training load also synced? Would that be new compared to the ? I thought Garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 read that before, to have the training count on the watch you had to record on both the Edge and the Fenix….

Correct on sync between devices. GC behind the scenes will take the devices stats which has the most detail as comapre.

gps compare 520 510 garmin cycling

I actually spent over an hour with the Physio True-Up team when in Kansas a few weeks ago trying garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 untangle how it all works. This is what Garmin himself writes.

Would the Assioma pedals work with and will the VO2Max and other metrics get counted as it would with Gamin Vector pedals? I cyycling read all your reviews but still, u the how to program bluesmart bike computer who knows it all! I just bought a Plus and am very happy with it except I was surprised to find that there are no stats for maximum and average gradients at the end of a ride.

But still a lot to offer

Does the new have these what garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 me seem to be very basic features? And if not, is there garmmin work-around? Is there any way to load a route from Ride with GPS from your phone yet? This is the one feature that has be considering an Elemnt Bolt to supplement my Edge and Edge Explore. I relied on many of your reviews as well garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 the Llama to make my decisions thanks for the great reviews.

After doing lots of researching and reading your older Bolt review I had decided that the Bolt would be the bike computer for me and then I stumbled across this review and this thing seems awesome.

I literally got the Bolt for my birthday yesterday and Conpare am 52 if I should hold off and get this instead, it really does look like an amazing product.

I am mostly interested in the improved mapping. The improved performance speed gains is also a major consideration gqrmin well and I am really intrigued by the ClimbPro features compzre are not essential but seem freaking cool. Also seems like a feature that may lead me to search out hilly routes instead of national approved mountain bike helmets them.

I am wavering back and forth as the Bolt seems to be a quality product as well and I am pretty heavily invested in the Wahoo family at this point. Any advice?

The complete guide to the Garmin Edge range

Hopefully it will be ready for prime time and the early gramin are not just beta testers. Best bicycles for long distance riding Garmin cycling gps compare 510 520, on the videos you are wearing a Marq Athlete, right? I suspect garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 mid-May at this point for that review, after I sort through a few other reviews.

That it would show the climb data when you were just riding around. This is because in my home area I almost never use a route since I know where I am and where I am going. It seems to me that since these units have maps with elevation data and know where you are they could figure out that you were on a climb and display the ClimbPro data.

520 compare garmin gps cycling 510

That would be super interesting for me. One tidbit cgcling is that you can do this on the fly. Or they could simply integrate it with live segments. I suppose compqre garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 not doing it on-the-go because that would require a constant lookup of the extra map data that has the ClimbPro resources. I am not sure how big and how difficult it is to query this data internally. Maybe it would be taxing the CPU too much, meaning less battery, so not worth it.

Maybe that changes in the future. What are the buttons like to use during a ride? I have mine set to automatically sync pinned RWGPS routes to RouteCourse, then you just select a route in the app on the device to import garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 over wifi. Thanks for the review! Would love to see a separate comparison video between new and old compatible sensors with a baseline GPS such as the new !

Could you test TF integration more?

510 compare cycling 520 gps garmin

I get updates all the time on my Edge for example. The TrailForks Connect IQ app itself has been around for a year, so plenty of info on that out there already. A Trails nearby: You can then cyxling a trail and get further details about that trail. Thanks for info! Can you still respond to texts with preprogrammed responses? I think that functionality was supposed garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 be in the plus. As always astounding in-depth review.

However is did not see any mention of respiration rate from HRV strap? Please see FirstBeat site for details. One of the screens we have is elevation, in this screen it displays the same thing described as ClimbPro: Only up to 2 data fields however. The basic Elevation screen users ggps switch to has been available on Edge units for a few years.

The ClimbPro feature is a bit different in that it automatically switches the display and focuses on garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 elevation information for just the hill the cyclist is currently climbing. Nice review! What if I take the unit to Spain? Do I have to download a Europe map from another source?

Did you need to bps the original map, or could you add a new map? In the older units, one had to replace the map. No way to do this on onlyseems like no way to do this via Connect maybe if they improve manual route one day …. This might force me back into the Garmin fray and to dump my Lezyne sorry L, still love the device, but this seems better in every way.

Technically you can actually do it in Garmin Connect Mobile now, even on motorcycle trailers pull behind bike devices. But it gives you full Google Maps with labels. So if you find it on another map elsewhere and then re-find it in Garmin Connect, you can do it.

Same applies for mountain biking. On the Cyclinf itself, you can do basically the exact same thing assuming you know where the point is. So beside ClimbPro where as i understund u need when will the gopro karma be available create a route in advanceis it still keeped Elevation Profile as on ? Versus the elevation profile is just general distance based for the zoom garmin cycling gps compare 510 520.

Garmin Edge 530 Cycling GPS In-Depth Review

Ray — How long have you been garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 these units? A few days? If you are this confident after a couple months of usage I am sold on an upgrade garmni my ancient !

Have you scratched the screen at all? Wondering if screen protectors and silicone cases are coming? Zero screen scratching, and I treat them like crap. Right now both are sitting in the front pocket of my backpack next to keys, pens, coins, and all sorts of other TSA-shutter inducing items. Two quick navigation-related questions.

Gs, how does the Edge do with out-and-back courses?

Garmin Edge Review | OutdoorGearLab

A few years ago, I remember Garmin Edge devices being not so great when it came to navigating a course where the return route was along the same or some of the same roads. I travel a fair amount and could use turn-by-turn navigation running a course in an unfamiliar town.

How is the storage capacity, and how much is usable with the software installed? Is it same 16gb as Edge ? Free here: For that, you have to purchase them from Garmin. On plus I am already getting notifications from Whatsapp and other social media. There is still no way to answer, since I have an iPhone and the documentation says it is only compliant with some Android devices.

This would be an improvement, hopefully firmware also for series. Garmin and Fitbit and others would love to be able to do the same as Apple Watch, but Apple restricts it. Just sold my edge and pulled a trigger from Clevertraining uk using this site discount code.

I did use edge about two years and during that time it was replaced for warranty because some blue halo problem on the screen. If i go out on an unplanned ride and ride a load of segments that ive done previously, will the ClimbPro function kick in? Basically, does the whole route need to be planned to trigger the ClimbPro function or will pre-ridden and saved segments trigger it?

Meaning, navigation has to be active. Obviously, if your route is more complex, it gets messier. But I agree, such a missed opportunity… if I have a load of courses loaded onto the unit, and it detects I get on one, then why not give me the option to use Climb Pro on that part of the course? Do you have any feedback about stability, bugs, freez, etc…?

Wow this looks like a good unit. I have a Wahoo Bolt and was waiting for an update from Wahoo as well as their watch but now that I bought the Vector 3 on Black Friday sale and seeing this I may have to get that If you check out this one: OK, for all my old rides which I tracked with my Fenix or and Vector2 — Power Curve is there just like in your screenshot….

Does it have the same power meter calibration mechanism as the edge ? My edge asks northwave fighter road cycling shoes calibrate at the start of each ride and the numbers range from — each time. I actually have 2 one on the road bike and one on the tri-bike and have the same variability with both.

What a shame it has no cellular connectivity. What type of functionality does it have with regards to smart trainer control? I know for instance the wahoo bolt can talk to the wahoo smart trainers and allow you to simulate a route that was done outside. Is there any type of similar functionality, or just being able to set a power to hold garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 ERG mode?

Same basic functionality there. Hi Ray, has the display improved beyond just 0. Has display brightness garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 contrast improved for any lighting conditions? Side-by-side comparison showing any differences would be very helpful. Great review, thanks Ray. Had been waiting for the Stages L50 to come out, but garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 bigger screen, new Trainer Road integration, ClimbPro and ability to re-route on the road have all persuaded me to take the plunge on the The fine print from Clever.

Items that are prohibited from an instant discount will instead receive CT Reward Points see section 5 for more details. So if you are going to order something else from them at some point the future it is still a good deal. Yes, on the clevertraining. Before I purchased I also tried it for an and that also worked for me. I just like to have my cash now. Such functionality would be a colossal improvement over having to use kludgy buttons.

I hate doing this using the Edge buttons. Also when a software update comes out do we still lose all our custom settings? Firmware updates always reset my Edge to imperial factory default and paired sensors are always lost! No word on customization via phone or PC. See some random examples from Strava below. Garmin tracks… link to strava.

Garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 tracks… link to strava. Do you like having separate computers for each bike? Thanks for the post. I will order one garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 via your Clevertraining Europe link. It is going to be to use it in Spain and France mostly.

Long distance mountain bike trails think I know the answer but want to ask just in case.

In Edge there is limitation of 13 characters shown on the Edge screen as far as I remember. Does Edge also has this limit? But at that time, the signal would drop all the time between the and my phone and the web interface was slow and not all that helpful. More reliable, would show the planned route if I was riding one and really just worked. Hi Ray, Great review again. Is the or able to show rolling last 5min or 20min power average like the Bolt does?

I think I already know the answer to this, but is the worth the upgrade from the and if so, does Garmin do trade-ins for upgrades? ClimbPro feature alone seems worth it, but not sure if software upgrade available on to add it. Dear DC, Are you able to customise the data fields shown on the navigation page? With the i have it set up to garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 HR and speed as well as the breadcrumb trail. It would be amazing to have those training load and recovery claculations based garmin cycling gps compare 510 520 my everyday activities.

I ride in India, Europe and sometimes in Thailand.

News:We help you choose the best Garmin Edge for you. . if you are going to buy the edge 20/25, go get a.

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