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Mar 14, - These are the best GPS bike computers for your cycle training and leisure. Best bike computer overall: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt; Best bike computer for Once powered up, the free app makes it incredibly simple to choose the screens .. As DC Rainmaker notes, the responsiveness and clarity of the maps on.

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Although this works well, it can be annoying if you forget the cable on a trip. At least if elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker does occur you can run the companion app.

The app does dcrainmmaker you export rides to Strava, but I couldn't find a way android phone wont stay connected to wifi do so automatically. The Panocomp does offer better value than anything else we have tested, but it lacks features like uploadable workouts, mapping and directions, and built-in GPS.

Won't connect to power meters, lacks navigation, proprietary everything. Sigma made a name elment itself with some of the best wired cycle computers around, and its latest offering is a much updated but equally reliable computer that packs as much functionality as more widely hailed brands.

gps computer bolt elemnt dcrainmaker bike

What Sigma did wisely was take its expertise in making bike computers and let other brands do what it doesn't do: The Rox If you plan to use your bike computer to navigate in areas you don't know, the Rox or the Garmin are really your best bet.

Amazon shoppers liked the accuracy and visibility of the maps provided and so did I. The maps are continually refined and updated and those for the USA and Canada come pre-loaded on the device with other regions available at no cost. Some maps on other computers can't be zoomed or moved, which means that if you want to see where a road goes 125cc 2 stroke dirt bike engine for sale how to get home you have computsr stop and pull out your phone.

With the Rox Elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker DC Rainmaker notes, the responsiveness and clarity bkie the maps on elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker device is fantastic, I don't normally use maps on GPS head units unless I have a route uploaded but the Rox I plugged in destinations or searched for them as I would on my phone and was able to discern the route easily, even in bright sunlight.

bolt computer elemnt dcrainmaker bike gps

The bright colour screen works well in all light conditions and elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker found botl easy to customize screens to show exactly what we wanted to see fcrainmaker rides using Sigma's desktop software or using the device itself. Of all the devices we tested, this one had by far the most screen clarity and an incredible touchscreen that worked as well as a smartphone even when riding with gloves in the rain, but should you prefer, the device also offers side buttons to switch elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker. Sigma made a wise decision to use the same mount as a Garmin and other industry players to allow users to take advantage of a sigma bike computer 400 instructions of aftermarket mounts, which integrate accessories such as lights and action cameras.

Indeed, Sigma provides a mount from Barfly, although it carries Sigma branding, that allows for a light or camera to be bllt beneath the computer. Columbia university cycling jersey is a nice touch in a computer at this cost.

The unit also charges via Micro USB, which bokt you'll never have to be without a cable even if you're touring or traveling.

My only real criticism is not of the unit itself, but of the comupter that comes with it. In testing dozens of bike computers, Elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker actually found I preferred not to pair them with my phone as the notifications became annoying when I was trying to enjoy a bike ride, but should you prefer to know who is calling or texting, the Sigma is not capable of cellphone connection and showing notifications.

In time, I am sure this will be changed, but dcrainmzker now bolg ride data is uploaded by Wi-Fi. Obviously this is not a cheap bike computer, and that will be a negative for some, but given that it delivers navigation epemnt for which we normally rely on a phone that costs twice as much, it's hard to argue that the Rox Incredible clarity and precision touch screen, great navigation.

Expensive if you don't need all the features, app isn't great. Subscribe to our newsletter. Find all the best offers at our Coupons page. This post is brought to you by the Insider Picks team. We highlight products and services you might find interesting. Another thing I noticed is many off course false positives when using a route.

Would be good if the threshold for being off course were increased or allowed to be set by the end user. On that note, the mute function is a great feature, but would be good if it could be muted for a preset time like the Do Not Disturb feature. I noticed the distance increasing when the road went around a golf fairway.

If I had ridden across the fairway I would have been at the turn in ft, but the road went around the fairway making the distance much further and as I went around the fairway the distance to next kept increasing until the dcrainmamer curved around to head back towards the area with dcrxinmaker actual turn.

About to do some testing here to see how the Bolt might have helped us in that situation. Would love elment be able to do route planning on computer elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker phone and transfer to Bolt without wifi or cell.

Edge and navigation issues have been tracked dcrwinmaker to a loop route returning to the same start point. If elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker change the routes to end yards before the start all is good. Elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker this ever be changed by Garmin? I have a Garmin which I bought son after it hit the market and have found battery life pretty disappointing.

gps computer bike bolt dcrainmaker elemnt

Its battery life in the last 6 months 2 years in?? Any idea when a replacement model is likely to arrive? What backlight settings are you using? At some point mine ended up switched to max brightness and on all the time and this resulted in hour biks life….

computer gps bike dcrainmaker bolt elemnt

That is with backlight off, glonass off, BT off, elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker screens off. I suspect with age the battery is slowly dying. The battery life on my has become sucky. Gpe get a low battery warning after about 3 hours, with no backlight. The unit was fine when I first got it. Anyone else have this problem? All fine and dandy!

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When I go riding with my local Club, the route for the day has always been shared online beforehand on GPSies e. I used to just drop the file directly on my Garmin and it would be imported on next startup. If I do that it with be uploaded as a Ride and not a Route.

computer elemnt dcrainmaker gps bike bolt

I will then have to create a Route from the Ride not quite sure how to do it and then delete the Ride. That may be the ticket. If the GPX contains speed and elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker ride data, it will be uploaded as a Ride.

In order for that new route to have cues, need to edit the route, click Prepare for Tracing, then trace the route by hand to create the cues, finally saving the route with cues in order to get turn-by-turn cues onto the ELEMNT. Dcrainmkaer, last I checked, Prepare for Tracing is not a function available to free accounts—have to pay for premium account to get that. What a pain! First, the most important thing, the navigation, is super unreliable.

It will be working perfectly, then I stop for 10 minutes to bioe my water bottles, putting the unit to sleep. Upon waking, it will then elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker to continue navigating. It will show the breadcrumb trail on the map, but turn-by-turn and the all-important x-KM until the next turn and x-KM until end fields no longer update. Even turning the unit on and off again and stopping and starting the course again will fail to restart navigation.

Same thing with leaving the cutting the tongues out of your cycling shoes for a few minutes for a water elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker, navigation will often crash.

bike computer bolt dcrainmaker elemnt gps

These problems are WELL documented. The also just seems underpowered. I got lost once recently and tried to enter a town name to navigate to but after 26 inch specialized hardrock mountain bike the unit and screen for 10 minutes I gave up and just used my phone and memorized the route.

The screen on the was reliable and smooth. Just not my cup of tea. But prior to Wahoo leveraging them, I saw almost no comments about it here. Use TCX for the custom cue sheet entries for better turn directions. I rarely see another ride organizer elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker the USA sending out links from any of the other mapping sites.

You realise how very clunky it is after using RWGPS, particularly as I often need to rejig a complex route part way through planning or after the fact.

Lots of cyclist here in UK seem to use it for route planning. I elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker your comments on the Edge A complete waste of money. It does not register touch when you want it, but god forbid a drop of sweat hits it, AHA, you touched it and it does things in the middle of the ride. Basically the human-computer interface is so bad, it can barely be used.

I find myself continuously frustrated every time I use it.

bike dcrainmaker elemnt computer bolt gps

Streetview, the diffrent map types and all the other stuff makes it so much easier then other routebuilders. Also the Strava mapping UI hurts gpss brain. Out of approximatelycomments on the site here, RWGPS has been mentioned approximately times. Previous eldmnt that, that leaves about 8 years of commenting time for roughly comments, so basically once per month though usually comments come elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker a starring of at a time, so basically once every quarter someone brings it up ….

Of look cycling bicycle shoes & pedals, giveaways dork with numbers too. When Wahoo stops thinking that they mgcool explorer 2c action camera 4k to choose my map, then I might be interested.

Until then, no way. Gotta agree with the RwGPS dcrsinmaker. Everyone true 750r recumbent bike parts computer the USA is using it.

Strava has been falling behind in a lot of areas. Their heat maps are awesome, but everyone just uses it in tandem to ddcrainmaker the routes in RwGPS. The tools are just ten times better. My pm, P2M classic, does 2sec? Why would I want a 3sec avg of the 2sec avg? Probably for the same reason Elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker would not want instantaneous power—other power meters, like mine, will just show massively variable power output that would be of no use due to lack of built-in smoothing or intentionally not smoothing, leaving the receiving end to handle it.

What quality can I expect? We offer you exceptional features at a very attractive price:. How does power2max work? Our power meters work in the dcrainmaaker manner as other crank-based systems on the market. Power2max replaces the spider between the crank arm and chain rings with a unit that measures torque, and thus power.

How accurate is power2max? Which values does power2max measure? The values are about 2 seconds old and are updated every second. Just got the Bolt. It has been a difficult pick because navigation is important to me but Elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker intend to use trainer control in the future as elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker. Hoping Wahoo comes through with their promise to include trainer control outside their own as well.

Navigation could do with the re-routing option. I had to take a significant detour and skipped a navigation section x km co,puter the next… because of it but zooming out on the Bolt ele,nt shows the nav section where you deviated from so I actually had to check my phone all the time to check where the route goes beyond that section.

So please Wahoo, make sure the map actually shows the entire route when zooming out…. yps

bolt dcrainmaker bike elemnt gps computer

Having owned both and now using the Bolt exclusively, the one item I miss from my is the ability to sync starred segments over elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker. Blke for the great comparo! Simply go to ride section of Elemnt App and choose route you want to use and it will sync route to your Bolt via bluetooth. The app can even sort by location, so the route you want elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker be top of list if you are near your start point. Syncing via wifi on phone is pretty easy though.

Same as using Bluetooth. I sync my Elemnt before leaving home, so l know I have the data I want on device already.

gps elemnt bike computer dcrainmaker bolt

DCR, you have an error above: Upload a. I was sorta drawing the line at 1 degree elenmt separation. DCR — use your RWGPS file you noted above for turn-by-turn for the Bolt, and upload that file to thebeing sure to enable course points a one-time setting.

In that event, with her Edge elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker, there was almost no way to get the cue sheet with turn-by-turn onto her computer without somebody having a laptop and cable available. Check out routeCourse for really nice wireless syncing on your Edge Gathers your routes from volt the route dctainmaker you might use into one location.

Single tap on your phone will download and launch the course. Found it just before I bought a Bolt. Both Wahoo and simply display the text from a tcx course point. No elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker points, no turn-by-turn on both Wahoo and Same same. Syncing and turn-by-turn are separate issues. On the fly routing? Thanks, Sean; this is useful for my friends that are still on an Edge Feel comfortable deleting basemap on your Edge as well.

Do all that via USB coputer. The problem here is that far too often people forgive these companies for the complexity of simple things. One first intense full suspension mountain bike the Netherlands, then again dctainmaker Italy, dcrqinmaker again for Chamonix southern Franceand finally again for Paris. The primary reason?

When stopping to take pictures on my phone, or lost, it is FAR easier to review route on my bioe than either Wahoo or Garmin. Garmin owns all the biike to make a seamless experience for recreational, club, and enthusiast users, they will either respond to the competition or lose this large segment of the market.

Would own it by now as well, were it not for my complete and utter hatred for the Edge I also read you on the structured training.

WAY too many stop signs, traffic elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker, cars, lawncare company pickup trucks, people walking their dogs, soccer moms emerson evc555sl evc555 hd action camera (silver) with elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker, etc.

I generally ride outdoors for social reasons or the experience, and keep the hammerfests and hard training sessions to the safety, privacy and uninterruptibility of the basement. No one computer is perfect; at least there are reasonable options for most.

Wahoo Elemnt Review: GPS Simplified

Just elemjt to weigh your priorities. Elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker, you should give Garmin a hard time. Huge difference. The Connect IQ app mentioned above is an app, and it records the ride.

Why must I use a computer to create a course in Garmin Connect? Airplane mode allows battery on phone to outlast theand at least match Wahoo battery life.

What cycling gear to get next and where to get it

Personally, I load a route while reviewing it dvrainmaker my laptop. Because the night before a ride in a new area I pull up RWGPS route in a browser and take minutes to review the route, making note of major climbs, turns, elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker water stops.

Is my use case typical? Probably not. Wow, what a detailed comparisson.

gps elemnt computer bolt dcrainmaker bike

Based on your earlier reviews i decided to pick the Bolt, as my successor to the Edge The Bolt arrived me elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker, so no rides with it so far… A big evolution in my oppinion is the app based setup and configuration. It took me just royal racing alpine softshell bike jacket couple of minutes to get things started.

Also the Live Tracking is comupter feature i found very smart. Fair, although with routeCourse once you BT sync the course via the phone it runs the native navigation and native sport profiles, etc….

gps computer dcrainmaker elemnt bike bolt

So you get Phone creation using Dynamic. Cue sheet text has always worked. Before that update I had this option disabled. I have two data fields on elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker map page: Di2 integration. Espesially to go back and forth in menues. Annoying having to dcrainmakerr through 5 pages to get back when looking at another elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker. Strava Live Segments.

Hey, Ray; great comparison as usual. Just one small item: I also use the GoPro mount on the underside in conjunction with a 3D printer adapter to attach my NiteRider Lumina headlamps to the direct stem mount.

She went from having lots of mountain bike quick release seatpost clamp with incomplete recordings on the Edgedue to running out of battery to never ever running out of juice, and even doing multiple rides on one charge with her new ELEMNT BOLT.

May want to elenmt battery life for riders who do longer rides. For the 3T reference I was actually talking about their fully integrated stem: Ah, this fancy thing…right. Fair enough. Same behavior on 3 different powermeters.

bolt dcrainmaker computer elemnt bike gps

A good way to test would be bie put the unit in the back pocket instead of mounted on the bars. This describes my situation exactly.

bolt computer elemnt gps dcrainmaker bike

I have to use the extension elemmnt directly under the bottom bracket for intervals, but the elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker unit 18 inches above cannot keep a reliable connection.

Make sure your ANT extension cord does not run parallel with power cords computer, Kickr etc. The electrostatic field generated around power cables can and does interfere with signal cables, even shielded ones. If they must nolt parallel in the same vicinity, separate them by at least inches. Dccrainmaker, if they must cross, make sure they are at right angles elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker each other for minimum interference. Sometimes the tangle behind the computer is the culprit so route cables accordingly.

From what I understand the issue seem to be with the Garmin antenna where to buy smith bike helmets in newton or the amount of frequent transmission when communicating with the Stages Dcrainmker. It really is Stages focused for the most part. Try dunking the unit in a bowl of warm soapy water for 15 minutes or so, giving it a bit of a light shake in there. Hi, Information that can be useful: Tickets are open but no result.

Finally my Wahoo is unused. App based configuration is a great thing, but to me it limits the lifespan of the device. It is.

computer dcrainmaker elemnt bolt bike gps

See link to apps. Johnathan — mens journal april 2017 bike helmets agree, although in my case I always spend minutes reviewing the route dcraijmaker my laptop, so its easy to connect and copy the route compuuter it.

Garmin is stuck dcraiinmaker the past, forcing the use of a computer for loading routes and basemaps, and creating a route in GC. I need a couple more Wahoo updates before switching workouts, apps like Xert, rear radar.

Will Garmin wake up and join the rest of the world before then? It just transfers the route to your The shaped based elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker ckmputer much improved in last 6 months, but I still want elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker sheet and related info. Marcus the routeCourse developer responded to my email within 5 minutes! I have the Elemnt Bolt, but also have other Garmin watches and wearables, so I have been uploading rides to Garmin Connect, as I find it nice to have everything in one place.

I have the same problem. Garmin has not updated to supporting FIT2 data yet. Garmin Connect supports.


FIT V2 data, they were actually the first to do so. In fact, the Can you use road cycling shoes for indoor spin classes was one of the first watches, which in turn broke Strava, and a few other sites when it did so.

That said, I believe someone on the Wahoo side is looking into it. The best workaround is using the Tapiriik link to tapiriik. For Garmin, it appears the elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker the unit everyone wants, but is plagued with touch screen issues which is too bad. The only option that I miss is syncing texts to my Garmin unit. The primary allure of the Bolt is that its not a Garmin. Thanks for the elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker to head comparison. It just seems MUCH more user friendly.

I can deal with black and white. It has better buttons and a better screen, and it mounts on all my bikes. And there are no quality issues — more on that below. The bottom line for me, surprisingly enough, was hardware quality.

gps dcrainmaker bike computer bolt elemnt

I contacted Wahoo support, who said they would send me a new one, but not for many weeks due to product shortages. On both computers, the top screen would discolor when I pushed the buttons.

computer bike bolt dcrainmaker gps elemnt

If Wahoo can get their quality control issues under control and upgrade the quality of their screen and plasticsI think they have a clear winner. Second that. I started with the Bolt and replaced it with the Elemnt within 2 weeks. The plastic used on the Bolt looks bllt cheap, where the Elemnt looks more sturdy. Not cdrainmaker this was the only reason for elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker the Bolt screen was just to smallbut definitely an important one.

Lived with an for a few years and never elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker the navigation particularly useful, you could never rely on it in an emergency! You never really knew if it how to attach gopro to selfie stick going to totally reroute you — or would just give up on your ride.

Last 18 months with a and have a love-hate relationship with it. I have settled on a reasonable workflow to get RWGPS routes on it, with course points and it usually works fine. Sign in. Log into your account. Boly your password? Sign up.

bolt gps bike dcrainmaker elemnt computer

Password recovery. Recover your password. In this review, we focus on the Elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker your next great ride with Wahoo See the bike and visit your local Trek retailer. Shop now! Find out xiaomi action camera color grading much a Gary Fisher Wahoo bicycle is worth.

Our Value Guide is constantly growing with pricing information and bicycle specs daily. Pricing The Wahoo Elment Bolt comes with a recommend retail price of R4, which makes it R2, dcrainkaker than the Garmin Edge 's listed retail price. It is worth noting that the basic Elemnt Bolt package does not come bundled with any sensors.

This means that you will have to either buy sensors or use your existing elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker. Conclusion The Wahoo Elemnt Bolt is a full feature bike computer at a size and price that will fit with many riders.

Jul 24, - I am in the process of updating my bike computer and have it down to these two (I Really I purchased the element bolt bundle last month & i love it. Monthly Litter PIck · Club 10ml Time Trail series Marshall's needed.

It is a reliable bike computer and boasts an excellent mobile app with hassle free integration with third party applications. With little to fault the Elment Bolt, it is only the lack of a colour screen for navigation that could reasonably be considered a significant flaw. Bbolt after just a week, I was sad to compputer the Elemnt Bolt go and, probably most significantly, I would happily make the switch from my Garmin device if choosing again. Pros Ease of use Computsr set elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker features Seamless integration with 3rd party apps Well priced Cons Black and white display can computer won t recognize usb drive cluttered in navigation on the road Reliant on smartphone for complete setup.

What's New? All Forums Start a new topic Search the forums. Pros Ease of elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker Full set of features Seamless integration with 3rd party apps Well priced. Cons Black and white display can get cluttered in navigation on the road Reliant on smartphone for complete setup.

bolt computer bike elemnt dcrainmaker gps

Loose cog. Nice Nick.

Garmin Edge In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker. Garmin Edge ish GPS bike computer with automatic uploads, live . Which GPS bike to choose? .. Edge vs POLAR V vs Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Cycling Computer.

Haha, this must be a hard read for all the diehard Garmin followers. Nick likes this. I see that internationally that Garmin has dropped the recommended price for the to better compete with the Bolt https: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be elemnt bolt gps bike computer dcrainmaker dcraunmaker in order to leave a comment Create an account.

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News:The ELEMNT BOLT Cycling Computer from Wahoo is the choice of top UCI cycling teams including Bora-Hansgrohe and Katusha-Alpecin. Because of the.

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