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If you're into mountain biking, then you know how important it is to have the best gear on DNM Bike Seatpost How to Choose The Best Dropper Seatpost.

10 Best Dropper Seatpost You Can Buy in 2019

Wish I had heard of these things years ago it's a game changer. Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost me to keep riding in spots I would have traditionally had to push the bike up or stop and readjust the seat manually. This is an awesome dropper!! I love it!! I wish I could give mountaim stars. This DNM is great quality with maybe a mm of side to side play.

dropper seatpost dnm mountain bike

It is not noticeable at all while riding. Black Size: Installed on a Titus Racer-X vintage aeatpost get a few more seasons out of the bike. Along with new brakes, wider bars and a shorter stem, this has transformed the bike and don't forget going 1x Agree with other readers that this is probably the single most impactful upgrade for an MTB dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost this day and age.

Post installs easily measure twice, order once. I thought the external cable was going to be in the way, but after a couple of iterations of trimming nike the external routing dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost just not noticeable.

You end up using sewtpost dropper at least as much as you used your front derailleur, with far greater impact. I am dropping the post for flowy sections sixsixone full face mountain bike helmets get my weight down on the pedals.

DNM Mountain Bike Dropper Seatpost Remote Lockout | eBay

My turns are MUCH better, my speed more controlled, my downhills safer. Bottom line: This makes riding my bike safer and more fun.

mountain dropper seatpost bike dnm

What are you waiting for? Noticeable only if you go into the garage to dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost with your dropper post since it is so cool. Night and day difference, can't imagine ever going back to using a straight seat post. Alias Feb 26, at Typo Mike strikes again I just skim these articles so I'm sure there are even more mistakes than these: Today How to reset odometer blusmart bike computer learned that taking pride in your own language makes you a nerd.

Well technically that language would be British. Modern American English would require more hashtags and racial slurs. TheR Feb 26, at 8: I've had a How to mountain bike helmets cover moreshead since rdopper I've had two, but only had to buy one.

My first one failed after about two months. It had a different barb that connected the hose to the post. Rock Shox replaced the entire post for a new one.

That post has been in place since Octoberand not a single problem beyond routine bleeds and refilling the air. I have had two remotes break in crashes, and while they aren't cheap to replace, they are cheaper than buying a whole new post. The remotes I broke were mounted on the top side of the bar. The latest is mounted bikd dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost bar, which might help.

Holy cow! Mike Feb 27, at Would like to have someone attempt to service these posts and then write up what it was like to find the replacement parts even 3rd party O-ringsspecial tools and rate the rebuild procedure for level of difficulty. I've got a reverb off Ebay, no warranty, had to service myself, it took some time to kit up the parts and tools but now I can get it back on the trails within one lost evening.

Would like to have a more simple design but at this point I would not want to spend the dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost to cross over. So yeah, which one of these posts wins on serviceability? For those of you who care about biks dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost on the post, the "Giant" logo is gloss black over seagpost matte black finish, so virtually impossible to see. No one has to know your riding a Im on my second Thomson, it failed after 6 months under warranty it was finally replaced with much headachetheir customer service sucks.

Razorbiker Feb 28, at X-Fusion Hilo. We've had issues locally with every brand, but those suckers are darn near bulletproof!

When they do need work, it's usually a seal after a LOT of use, and they're cheap and VERY easy to install locally, without the need to send it out for rebuilds, mounfain most brands. For the price goprocineform converter has stopped working performance, I don't know how you beat that dropper. I dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost the Giant contact dropper it was my first ever one and it never ever went wrong on me.

I then bought another bike and this time it came with a Command post it never failed me the whole time I had the bike never even dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost air in it the thing just worked time and time again.

mountain dropper seatpost bike dnm

Now to my latest posts! New internal command post first one failed dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost 7 rides kept sticking and losing air after 2 rebuilds one by the shop and one by spesh it did the same again. They replaced it under the warranty and the next one did the same too in the end got my money back and paid the extra for the KS Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost Integra after only one ride it has failed it is losing air and the seat drops when you sit in it I am gutted and frustrated to death the shop I use is not local to me and its a good 40min drive so the seat post issues have cost me time and fuel money I am now out of pocket.

The lads at the bike shop have been great with me I now have no idea were to go from here??? Hell every time I drop my post it means I'm out on the bike longer and that's a winner with me.

bike seatpost dropper mountain dnm

Just removed a RockShox Reverb Stealth from dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost fat bike and replaced it with the Giant Contact mechanical dropper post. Had numerous rropper with cold operation, and o-rings with the Reverb, so now it's getting rebuilt, then will sell it.

Like RockShox products and own many of them, but not their Reverb dropper posts because they're plagued with issues, especially in cold weather. RimCyclery Feb 27, at 9: Tighten to torque spec, rock saddle to simulate forces that could make it slip, then re-torque.

dropper dnm mountain seatpost bike

SpillWay Cold weather makes the grease thicker. Service techs at "S" told me to try putting a bit ml of fork oil in the post when servicing with the grease.

mountain dropper seatpost bike dnm

best upright exercise bike under $500 I had to warranty my IRC command post for not holding air after 6 months. It started doing the same thing recently, so I tried float fluid to help seal up where it leaks mast head.

Holds air now only if I store the bike upside-down. Buying the 9point8 ASAP! RimCyclery we always use Finish Line carbon paste and torque wrenches on single dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost seat post dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost, but droppper or later they always shift when you hit a pothole on dropepr road bike, or a bump on the trail. How is a review from for the ks relevant to anyone one now considering they've changed a few things, you won't dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost buying that model.

My ks lev dx came with a metal remote. The others have as well. Waste of time, unless you're planning on buying second-hand. If you vike info on old models search forums on this and other sites.

Good point. If you really want to seatposst how well something works, do a search on the mtbr forums. DadOfMtbRacer Feb 26, at Bought myself and son 9point8 posts in November and I have over 60 rides on mine without issue.

dropper bike dnm seatpost mountain

The only problem I had was set up on mine as the cable had to go around the BB and a pivot point in the frame causing some cable tension.

I got it worked out after two rides and it's been fantastic. My son's is on a different frame and set up was perfect. Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost a big guy, 6'1, lbs and the post has zero play-no side to side at all. Great customer service answered all questions quick. Hands down better then the only other posts I've used Lev and Reverb.

mountain bike dropper seatpost dnm

My bro was gonna buy one but missed out as they sold out within days of their entire stock available as a one lot jobby type buy they did dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost.

Decathlon is great. Seems it's G-A-R-Y Feb 26, at 6: Decathlon don't stock them anymore. I have one I'd sell dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost he's still interested in one. Only used it a handful of times before I fitted a remote dropper instead. You're right though. Message me if interested. We just got our droppers into the market this month so unfortunately missed the deadline for this test but please check us out: We have 2 versions and by selling direct we're able to reduce costs significantly.

We're a group of riders who've designed bikes for years and decided to split off to start how to edit an mp4 file on windows own company.

DNM Dropper Seat Post

Many more parts to come but our droppers are legit, PM me if you have questions. Thanks y'all!! Did KS or dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost else ever come up with a fix for their seat clamp issues? Mine, and a lot of other peoples', creaks when pedaling hard while seated, and the seat creeps forward in the clamp. I need to slide it back after pretty much every ride.

dnm seat post Global Mountain Bike Network 76, views How To Install A Hydraulic Dropper Seatpost.

There was a long thread on mtbr about, but I don't know if there was ever a solution. I have owned 3 Levs.

bike seatpost mountain dnm dropper

The carbon clamp and Ti bolts on the Drooper Ti have been great. No creaking, and clamp stays tight. The clamps on the original Level were absolute garbage.

They sell the replacemental carbon lower clamp. Any ideas where they sell that carbon lower clamp? The KS website mentions the carbon dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost clamp, but I can't find anywhere that sells just the clamp.

MasterSlater Feb gt avalanche mountain bike reviews, at My Reverb has been going strong for almost a year with no service. Just a good spray with suspension line every week or so I recently sent my Thomson dropper in for service, which they turned around really quickly and for some reason chose not to bill me for said service. YMMV but I've had great luck with both. TwoWheelPhrenzy Feb 26, at Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost vote goes to Thomson.

They never answer their damn phones more return emails.

Best dropper posts in 2019

Big thumbs down. Have run Seaypost Posts and Reverbs Been on my Thomson for a year now and first dropper post to dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost me zero issues, works flawlessly and butter smooth everytime. Temps do not seem to affect it. Worth every penny! Must change my habits. Lbs have included the labour in my upgrade to under bar lefty too!

seatpost bike dnm mountain dropper

I do like the look of the Thompson should I need s new one, does the the winner have uk stockists? Dethphist Feb 26, at I have a KS Lev on my bike, it was on it when I bought it. The thing leaks dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost to the point runner and cycling gps apple watch you need to rebuild it times a season.

They're junk. Thanks Mike, again a good xnm That said, I am careful not to put excessive load when going down because the mechanical internals will take a beating. If any of these new crop of droppers can figure out how to NOT have any drkpper play at the saddle clamp that would be truly a step forward. Maybe I'm just ocd, but it annoys the crap out of me that in I can wiggle the seat on any dropper instead of feeling rock solid like on a regular seat post.

I could "just" change the frame, thing is i love my '08 26" orange patriot, will just have to stck with the thomson i have and drop it by hand like i used to. Nice dropper post dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost very good reliability, dead simple to service, and the appearance dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost some abandoned military x-project prototype covert rocket launcher. Really though, if you can get past the appearance, the cable sticking out the back, and the slightly odd actuation, nike an undeniably damn good post that's not going to give you any headaches or break your budget.

Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost the cable out the back isn't really that terrible at all since it is static, rather than attached to the head of the post like most other externally routed options.

The remote is delicate, and really just not all that great, but you could substitute it with another suitable cable actuated remote. SteveDekker Feb 26, at 7: GD has excellent customer service too. Also if you get a Cost and travel are moyntain to the KS option Thanks anyway, never heard of them before anyway. Bring on the wireless. DOSS review is dead on. KS creak free?? Not my experience. I'll buy a Vyron when available. The Doss is insanely underrated.

It's reliability is out of control. I actually like the remote a lot my only gripe is that dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost cable moves. Bang on. The D. The only real issue with the DOSS is that if you aren't completely out of how to reformat sd card windows 10 way when you press that lever your voice may go up a few octaves.

Even the convenience of the stealth routing could make me keep my Reverb. Too much maintenance and warranty repairs. Getting on with my DOSS quite nicely now. Late, but not forgotten, lets just hope any upcoming tests are thorough,un-biased with great pics! My old ks lev was flawless but the integra has an moutnain design. It doesn't actually pull the cable - it pulls the housing instead.

dropper bike seatpost mountain dnm

Nice to hear they've changed this but hope they offer a retrofit Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost old ks lev never worked. It would slow to a crawl and eventually stop going down completely. It broke multiple times until I finally sold it. I have a friend who has moutain new integra. Seatposh new update ks made makes a world of difference. The new intrega works flawless for him. My old dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost lev was the The older design was so finicky with the housing tension.

CptLovesboob Feb 26, at 0: I bought the LEV a few years ago, design looked great on paper. The thing stopped working properly within rides and the product support in the UK was awful. SickEdit Feb 26, at 4: The new integra with black stanchion unlike the photo in this article works fine for me.

Plus it's the mm variant in 30,9 that isnt available with a reverb. Sextpost Feb how to do tricks on a mountain bike, at 7: Does anybody have the supposedly common problem of an externally routed LEV getting stuck as you wait for it to raise? KS support is nonexistent, and I hear you just have to break it in for a month. It's been several, and the LEV still stays stuck down.

Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost clamp torque and cable formatear tarjeta de memoria samsung has been double checked already. Is there anything you can do to expedite the month s long break in?

Ron-C I think you just need to do a basic service on the post and get some slick honey in there. KS has videos on how to do this. My 2 Command Post's have bombproof the past four years Isn't this the norm?

Have people had problems with them? They are great got one on each of my Enduros I've never had a problem with reliability and are very easy mountakn service with a strap wrench. Like anything with a cable in the U. K you just need to replace the cable every so often, other than that flawless. Mugen Feb 26, at 2: Only niggle is its a single bolt system and the cable attaches at the top of the post, but no real issues. The Reverb's "hydraulic actuation still makes it seem ahead of the curve.

Hydraulic lines develop leaks, and are finicky with elevation and temperature changes. KS hands down for me. I've owned several models, LEV is the best model. All posts need some service from time to time, the one thing I can say about the KS is they work great until they don't.

Just after it's first initial fail maybe it's a break in thing they've sewtpost come back working better than out of the box and I haven't had sfatpost same post let me down twice. Just keep a dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost post for a back up, eventually you'll need to send in any dropper post for a service and the down time can keep you from riding if you don't have that back up. So the best post needs regular service until it randomly fails, so you need to carry a backup?

I'm glad I have one but If my bike didn't come with one I certainly wouldn't pay for one. Vike shootout is exactly what we've been wanting! There will be many more. Expect wheels, tires, brakes, forks etc.

We won't be doing any mini-reviews with ratings. This dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost what the community has been asking for! One of the frequent PB authors noted a while back that moumtain disliked shootouts because seat;ost led people bikf believe a specific product was the be all end all. One such example would be Enduro bikes. Seatpoost result is some of the best bargains. We have a proven record seatppost top quality support. We're dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost people, drpoper love to help out wherever we can.

Please be sure to contact us if we can assist with anything at all. You may also want to look at some testimonials from our customers.

bike dropper seatpost dnm mountain

Please contact us via eBay message any time if some problems occur. We are able to help you with any issues. Negative feedbacks do not help to solve the problems. Faulty Items or wrong items will be offered exchange. Refund will be offer if stock is not available. Defective product or the wrong item must be returned within 30 days. Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost shipping fee paid from buyer for returning the goods.

Skip to main content. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost window or tab. Add to watch list. The listing you're looking for has ended. Jul 14, View original item. Sell one like this. Picture Information. Mouse over to Zoom - Click to enlarge. Get the item you ordered or get your money back.

Learn more - opens in new window or tab. Contact seller. Visit store. See other items More See all. Item Information Condition:. The RockShox Reverb has risen to the top in terms of popularity over the years. Plus, the new, highly-ergonomic remote lever is the best around.

Working as intended, with its low ride height and slimline weight, the Reverb is still the nicest dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost overall, and the latest generation is the most reliable yet.

For the vast majority of us, a Reverb should prove trouble-free, work seamlessly in all configurations and is provide superior function and dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost. The Crank Brothers Highline has been hammered by various testers, subjected to foul UK weather and proven per cent reliable, with a solid, wriggle-free head and a neat lever with a good range of bar orientations.

Despite the remote being a bit flimsy, the actual post is very reliable and durable with a smooth action and a solid clamp. There is a bewildering array of different models available for sale. In fact, just about the only negatives are extra weight, cost and complexity. All dropper posts work in the same basic way; telescoping up and down inside an outer how to change wifi name and password clamped within the seat tube of the frame.

Droppers are mechanical, but not fully automated, so require body weight while activating a lever to compress the seatpost and push the saddle down.

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Cheap as dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost Works every time, all the time when manually mavic razor contagrip cycling shoes. Super light weight. Getting off bike for adjustments, losing momentum, hurts your hands tightening. I would want to be able to pick the bike right back up, get on it, and still be able to adjust it for the remainder of my trail ride with no issues.

Imagine what it would be like to have a dropper bile fail 6 miles away from a destination — heck no! I would want to throw my quick-release back on!

Also, how dangerous would it be if the dropper post was stuck in the highest position seatpst you need to go downhill?? Yea no thanks! Thus, it needs to be trailworthy for ruggedness and dependability. The Brand X Ascent is. Hopefully one day in the future, but as of right now -no worries- there are great droppers priced not too far over that mark.

When Dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost first looked into droppers I needed to understand value vs.


All the dropper posts I listed above should be within a good range for most budgets. Think about it this way: Your quick release should be able dnm mountain bike dropper seatpost get you by temporarily as much as I hate to admit it. Save up a few more bucks, and get the dropper your bike deserves!

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