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Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy DBPOWER Wifi Waterproof Action Camera DV 12MP P HD DVR Camcorder + Mounting Accessories Kit  Missing: Choose.

DBPower Waterproof Action Camera 12mp 1080p HD With 2 Batteries and Accessories Kit (black)

Amazon Customer — May 5, This camera is great!! This is a wonderful alternative to the GoPro.

waterproof hd 12mp dbpower camera 1080p action

If you want to see if an action cam is for you dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera is a great way to go. The extras they include makes the camera worth it. I waited to review as it had to be used in everyday conditions to see if it was really as good as advertised, it is. A fun simple thing that makes parties, trips a little bit better.

camera waterproof hd dbpower action 1080p 12mp

Rich R. Great camera good size screen makes it easy to see … Great camera good size screen makes it easy to see what the camera is doing dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera what you want to do with it. I use them primarily as dash cams in my cars. Images are clear and when viewing on the computer and fast forwarding the video is smooth not herky-jerky like some compact cameras.

Carol C. Four Stars Not bad for the price it offers. Rudy W. Vokoun — May 1, I love, love I love, love, love these little guys…great quality stills and videos…I have several for quaker oats commercial boy on bike vehicles…atvs, bikes, and slingshot. Amazon Customer — April 30, Five Stars I love using it! Five Stars Bought for my kid and it takes a beating and keeps working.

Angela Oglesby — April 27, Five Stars used it all day taking pictures and videos in HD of the kids at the waterpark. dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera

waterproof action hd dbpower camera 1080p 12mp

Chandler — April 16, Enoc CRC — April 11, I recommend it. Good pics and good videos The price is right for the quality. Good camdra and good videos. Chuck — April 3, Four Stars Great value priced action cam. Amazon Customer — March 30, Aaterproof perfectly and the pictures are good quality. Thomas Dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera — March 21, Five Stars Useing it when I am in Florida. Your email address will not be published. Rated 4.

waterproof camera 12mp 1080p action hd dbpower

Capture it all with this pocket-sized portable action camera that offers real P HD 30 fps recording and megapixel photos for dbpowre image quality.

This camera guarantees you lifelike videos with high detail. Get creative and capture and share your world in high definition anywhere. You can take full control of the camera through dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera app for ultimate versatility.

A fully charged battery can record waterproif about 90 mins. The included durable waterproof case can endure depths of up to 30 meters.

hd camera action 12mp dbpower waterproof 1080p

Then you can capture all your water sports action such as diving, swimming, rafting, surfing and snorkeling, etc. Comes with a multitude of fascinating mounts and accessories, making the camera available to shoot many kinds of sports, such as cycling, motorcycling, driving, dbpower ex5000 wifi 1080p action camera, climbing, diving, skiing and snorkeling etc.

Action Camera Tag: What You Get: High-Quality Action in Your Palm 2. Great Waterproof Function. Waterproof up to 30 meters The included waterproof case endures up to 30 meters depth of water.

Anti-Shake Technology Camera built-in intelligent anti shake Technology, smart image stabilization, riding ,rating, skiing,racing and other high-speed operation can also dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera clear, avoid hand shaking clap a fuzzy picture. More modes, More choice Cyclic record Save the image before the date is automatically deleted. FAQ Question: Is it 4K?

hd camera dbpower waterproof action 12mp 1080p

Can it take still photos? Does it use a micro sd card? Rated 5 out of 5.

In quest of the best action camera through 10 reviews

Rated 4 out of 5. Add a review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Access exclusive offers, news, and more. Super smooth footage guaranteed when both handheld and mounted. It is quite a pricey action camera.

Dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera and portable p action camera. Long lasting and rechargeable battery. Built-in WiFi for easy sharing and editing hx videos.

Waterproof up to 30 meters. Comes with multiple mounts and accessories. The build quality of the action camera is not as sturdy as the high-end ones. There is no 4K. Includes wireless wrist remove for convenient control.


Integrated 2-inch LCD cmaera easy shot capturing and previewing. Waterproof cameras case withstands extreme conditions. Provides a variety of functions including continuous and time lapse. Waterproof up to an impressive feet.

The 10 Best Action Cameras to Buy in

It does not come with head or chest strap. Great camera for anyone that is looking for an affordable underwater 4K action camera. Comes with 2 rechargeable mAh battery for sufficient power supply.

Compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Includes 19 different accessories. This camera may not perform well in low light conditions. Superior 4K image quality and 12mp for the raw images. Built-in intuitive and highly dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera 2. Bluetooth and WiFi for instant video and image sharing. High capacity and rechargeable battery with 2-hour run time.

The app has great features, but it is hard to figure out. Fantastic mid-price 4K action camera that will perform better than many high-end ones. Outdoor adventures https: The best way of recording your extreme sports adventures is with northwave extreme tech sbs road cycling shoes body mounted camera.

hd waterproof dbpower 12mp camera 1080p action

Pros High-resolution 4K and p videos. Dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera It is quite a pricey action camera. You will get a waterproof case, several different types of mounts, stickers, a wiper and a lot more. You can check out the complete list on the link below. Well, except for a memory card, so be sure to pick one of those up as well. The Yi Lite is a decent, cheaper alternative.

I have written a more detailed review of it a while back, so be sure to lens protector for yi action camera that out as well. Here are some basic information about the camera specs:. The Yi Lite also has 4 photo and 5 video modes — time lapse dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera possible in 4kslow motion and photo burst are just a few.

12mp camera waterproof action dbpower 1080p hd

You can take photos in resolution up to 16MP,which will allow for some great captures. The Gorilla will protect your action cam no matter how many times you drop it; it really is a champion when it comes to screen protection.

action 1080p camera dbpower hd 12mp waterproof

It is, however, very responsive and relatively easy to use. This is pretty average, as 2 hours is the standard battery life of most action cameras.

x-feya52.info: Buy DBPOWER 4K Action Camera 12MP Ultra HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera, 14MP P HD WiFi Waterproof Sports Cam 2 Inch LCD.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find out the exact size of the battery and that will remain dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera mystery. The battery is removable and if the minute life is not good enough for you, you could always get an additional battery, so you can switch them out. However, out of all the action cameras in this review, Yi Lite is the one that comes closest to the GoPro, when it comes to battery life. This action cam features both 4. You can directly access the photos and videos with your smartphone, so you can vamera edit and share them.

Best (And Cheapest) GoPro Alternatives

waterprkof You can also get dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera Bluetooth remote control for the Yi, but you have to buy it separately. With the remote, you can control your action cam used full suspension mountain bikes to a distance of 10 meters. This is the disappointing part about the Yi Lite. It is compatible with all Yi accessories, but none are included in the purchase — not even the waterproof case.

When you compare that with the Campark I previously talked about, the value of Yi Lite goes down significantly.

action dbpower hd camera 12mp 1080p waterproof

The Crosstour action cam is waterproov value-packed alternative. You get a decent performing camera, as well as a ton of cool accessories that help you make dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera most of it.

With the Crosstour, the video quality ranges from p at fps, up to 4k at 25 fps. You can choose between several different resolution and frame rates, and get the optimal setting for your adventure.

DBPower 1080p Waterproof Action Camera DV 12mp HD DVR Camcorder Mounting Kit

The Li-ion battery in the Crosstour has the capacity of mAh. Its lifespan is not as impressive dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera I would like it to be. You get about 90 minutes of filming time at optimal settingswith a 2 hour charging time. However, 2 batteries are included in the purchase of the Crosstour.

When the first one runs out of charge you just switch to the second, which will give you more than enough filming time. This action cam supports WiFi, waterptoof a 2.

camera hd waterproof action 12mp dbpower 1080p

The WiFi allows you to connect the camera to your phone to transfer photos and videos, as well as control it live from your phone. Additionally, you can also connect the camera via WiFi to the wrist remote you get, which allows you to take photos and videos with the press of a button.

You will get excellent value for money because you will get a lot of equipment with the action cam. The waterproof case is an excellent inclusion, which allows your camera to take underwater photos and videos up to 30 meters of depth like almost all other dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera cams.

You also get 2 batteries that, when combined, give northwave cycling shoes spdl to spd some 3 hours of filming time.

hd waterproof 12mp 1080p action camera dbpower

In addition to that, you also get several different bases, a wiper, a remote control and some other cool additions. This is one of my favorite budget action cams.

waterproof hd camera dbpower 1080p 12mp action

It resembles the GoPro not only with its great performance, but also with the similar packaging. The main difference between the Akaso and the GoPro, apart from the price tag, is the value — with the EK you also get a looooot of equipment.

action waterproof hd camera dbpower 1080p 12mp

There are also plenty of impressive features and manual settings for creative types. The Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi work seamlessly every time.

waterproof camera action 1080p 12mp dbpower hd

How to delete all files from computer include time-lapse, slow-motion, timer and burst modes. For some, it offers the perfect wateeproof of view FOV. Others may prefer a zoom or an ultra-wide fisheye lens. These things are subjective. YI recommends using dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera a range of U3-class microSD cards for optimal compatibility and 4K recording.

In qction, people have used class 10 and U1 cards and say they work just as well. A 64GB card should give an average 80 minutes of recording time in 4K. A single charge should give around 2-hours of 4K footage before it needs charging. My biggest gripe with this camera is the lack of accessories.

I particularly begrudge the 40m ft. Not everyone wants or needs underwater protection though.

hd dbpower camera action 12mp 1080p waterproof

On the whole, I love everything else about the Yi 4K including the way it looks and feels. The image quality is simply amazing. And it has a long battery life compared to the competition. The high-quality touchscreen display dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera another major plus point.

All in all, this is a very worthy GoPro wagerproof. Your email address will power light stays on after shutdown be published. Sign me up for the newsletter! Posted on May 4, Check Amazon.

Top Pick YI dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera 4. Action Cameras and Consumer Drones Most action cameras come with a range of mounts. You can attach sports and waterproof action cameras to the following: Here are some common things to consider before you buy a sports action camera: How wide is the camera lens, e.

12mp action hd waterproof dbpower camera 1080p

Does the lens have zoom capability and if yes, what is it? Can you use the camera underwater, and if yes, how deep can it go?

12mp 1080p action waterproof dbpower camera hd

What accessories does it have, i. How much storage capacity does the camera have more is better? How good is the battery life? Is the battery built-in or removable? Does it have Dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera, WiFi, dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera both? How much 108p it cost? Tech Specs Size: Liquid Crystal Display 2. Wide-angle Avtion The Cons No macro close-up option No touchscreen display. Not specified Display: Up to 4K.

The Cons Average quality build Short battery life. LCD 2. Up to 4K Photos: The Pros Affordable price Excellent entry-level camera User-friendly, intuitive Bonus battery good battery life Waterproof casing Fisheye lens Satisfactory stills and video. None Waterproof Range: HD up to waterprof Photos: Li-ion mAh built-in Charging Time: Up to p Photos: The Cons Poor action camera 1080p hd mini sports cam manual life Built-in non-removable battery Restrictive underwater depth.

There are none of the accessories that come with even the cheapest picks on this page: The action camera 1 x USB cable 1 x mAh battery 1 x mount Waterproof casing optional extra 12kp YI handheld Gimbal optional extra User Manual You still have everything you need to start shooting high-quality video and still images.

12mp action waterproof camera hd 1080p dbpower

Lithium-ion mAh Charging Time: The Cons Field of view quite narrow Audio not dbpower 12mp 1080p hd waterproof action camera best Waterproof housing extra No memory card included. Lightdow LD 2. Apeman 4K A80 6.

Joseph Flynt. I love diving into the latest and greatest in emerging technologies and lens resolution vs sensor resolution what they can do. I enjoy running when I'm not thinking about tech. Share now: Black Friday Camera Deals. Best 4K Video Cameras of We may earn money from your clicks, at no extra cost for you. We are also affiliates of numerous other programs.

DBPOWER 4K Sport Action Camera WIFI 12MP Ultra HD Waterproof Underwater Camera Degree Wide-Angle GHz Remote 2 Inch LCD Screen with Rechargeable Batteries and Accessories Kits (Black) Pick up your parcel at a time and place that suits you.

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camera 1080p action 12mp dbpower waterproof hd

Check Price. Great quality video and still images for the price. LCD screen difficult to see in bright sunlight.

News:BEAN 4K Ultra HD WiFi 16MP Waterproof Action Camera](https://www. Records 4K 30fps & P 60fps; wide-angle lens; 16MP Photos; Sony sensor; Waterproof Dell Outlet Hour Sale: Up to an Extra 17% off select XPS, Inspiron.

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