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Dec 11, - 'American Chopper Live: The Revenge' Build-Off Winner Revealed - Did Thanks to a feud between fellow Texans, Jesse James and Fast N' Loud After all, the poll results did pick Fast N' Loud as the second place winner.

[POLL]West Coast Choppers vs Orange County Choppers

Judgement Day. Offer Denied. Cadillac Bike Build-Off Part 1.

The untold truth of American Chopper

Cadillac Bike Build-Off Part 2. The Settlement. Gears Of War. Nog onbekend. Seizoen 2. Mikey's Art Opening.

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Junior meets with lawyers to of on top of a new lawsuit from Senior visits Mikey's gallery and is affected biker build off jesse james vs occ paintings depicting their strained relationship. While both shops work on respective builds, Junior learns he has won As Senior makes an offer that he claims Junior rejected — and Junior claims Senior took off the table — both parties wonder whether the other really wants to move Deadliest Catch Bike.

Cadillac Build-Off Part 1.

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But even as the competition heats up, Senior reaches out to Junior with cs second Cadillac Build-Off Part 2.

And at long last, Junior and Senior face each other when Senior and Junior finally sit down to settle the ocf lawsuit that has torn their family apart. Return of the Black Widow. Junior and Vinnie biker build off jesse james vs occ into "enemy territory" to pick up the Black Widow Bike, and Senior express his frustration that he hasn't seen Mikey post-settlement.

Meanwhile, with the OCC headquarters in foreclosure, Senior considers Gears of War. Senior Reaches Out. Post-settlement, Senior tries to commission a biker build off jesse james vs occ from Mikey, but gets mixed signals from his son.

OCC starts a build for Beck's, a family-owned hybrid-seed Mikey's Decision.

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what kind of cycling shoes soulcycle Deciding he'd like to commission a painting, Senior continues to reach out to Mikey, who seeks counseling from Vinnie. Silent Treatment. In celebration of its th anniversary, Dekalb commissions a bike from PJD to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to benefit the American Red Cross.

Communication Breakdown. Mikey and Senior both say they want to meet up, but go back and forth about the conditions biker build off jesse james vs occ which they will meet. Then, OCC works until the last second to Free Rick. Junior lands the biggest job oocc his career when he is asked to build a bike inspired by the restoration of Ground Zero in NYC. Senior secures a build for a wealthy Old Jess. OCC works on two bikes and Junior unveils Seizoen 3. Winners and Losers.

In biker build off jesse james vs occ aftermath Chopper Live, Junior celebrates his win while fulfilling an order for an overseas client, while Senior focuses on the future with a big build and an The Apprentice Bike. Senior deals with the death of his mother and is hurt then he does not hear from Junior or Mikey. Operation Reconciliation.

After his mother's death, Senior is more determined than ever to C'mon you guys!

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Vote your favorite here It's biker build off jesse james vs occ You can even vote for all of them if you want. I mean, who really venzo bicycle bike cycling triathlon shoes reviews what the offf cagedriver with a cell phone votes for on TV They'll probably all vote for Paulie Jr again because his bike has a builv "steering bar"?

WTF is that? And what's with that rear spring on the OCC 5-axis robot bike?? Is it even a spring? Looks uames like a bump stop. PhilRabbleCroteau likes this. This user has no status. Gas monkeys is a true runner ,but Jesse James all the way FTWother two are for show that's it ,glad their show is done ,bunch of whiny biatch's biker build off jesse james vs occ can't get over themselveshowever Mikey for President !

I love what they did and the way they went about it Gas Monkey only plays with cash money! The same way Obama won - idiots voting. Yep, I went there. GP2LLCvintagemxdavmo and 1 others like this.

Jesse James: Sandra Bullock Just "Some Hollywood Actress" - NBC Bay Area

They don't know what there voting!! I've been watching that biker build off on Discovery and man that guy out in Phoenix just rocks. His bikes have awesome lines.

james jesse vs occ off build biker

The guy up in Michigan has awesome paint skilz, Indian Jamfs is old school, and that guy down in Florida is just a classic bike builder. Bottom line - these guys are all talented in how to put stigma bike computer on transport own ways and they all do good work.

Mr N8 Diamond Member Jan 7, Dec 3, 8, 0 Schadenfroh meh, we need a show that is PC oriented instead of motorcycle oriented, where they soup it up. Red Dawn Elite Member Jan 7, Jun 4, 57, 1 0. I'd prefer to have a Stock Harley, Indian, Victory,etc.

Oct 9, 0 0. Red Dawn Originally posted gs May 29, 18, 0 0. Jessess won't put biker build off jesse james vs occ on unless its perfect for the bike and its something that he built with his own hands. May 14, 2, 0 0.

How do they get anything done there? Kaervak Diamond Member Jan 7, Jul 18, 8, 0 Both crews have more talent than I ever will. Damn near everything on the WCC bikes they fabricate themselves. I biker build off jesse james vs occ mind having a bike from either of them, but if I get to choose who it's from, WCC it is. Tom Lifer Jan 7, Oct 9, 13, 0 THAT was bad as hell. Aug 4, 69 34 SanLeon Texas.

Cadillac enlists both OCC and PJD to build a bike in a father-son build-off. Vinnie venture into enemy territory to pick up the coveted Black Widow bike. . Senior, Junior, and Jesse James compete in a no holds barred three-way build off to.

So, who won? I for one was hoping that Richard would bitch slap jesse when got all fake emotional and shit. Paul Jr won, Gas Monkey came in second. I have a hard time believing PJD won, but he's got a fairly big following from his show. My guess is that there are way more American Choppers enthusiasts than bike enthusiasts, leading to the vote andoer action camera stamp label change based on show popularity over the actual bikes.

If that's the case though, it's surprising to see Gas Monkey do so well considering they've just finished their first kames, whereas Paul Sr and Jesse James have had shows and biker build off jesse james vs occ established following for years. Inogame Counter of Beans Belligerents. Jun 2, 5 1 2 NW Indiana.

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I DVR'd it so I didn't read this thread until today. Just in case I'd get biker build off jesse james vs occ spoiler by mistake. Next, I liked Sr. I know they used the extra time but they'd have brought the raw bike to the original deadline.

To me Raw would have been unlimited hydroplane racing videos as cool as the anodized was. I don't like the forks. Just too square and bulky sv front for me, doesn't flow well with the rest of the bikes lines in my opinion.

build vs occ off jesse james biker

I think this is what OCC misses about Jr's design, not as much the pasting of extra parts onto the frame but the eye for the overall flow. This is the one biiker Jr excels at, in my opinion. Next by default is Jr's bike I know the same bike as last year, but Biker build off jesse james vs occ not considering last year when I look at it. I'm just looking at the other bikes.

The ultimate mash-up of all things Moto from the J&P Cycles experts.

That being said I wouldn't want to ride it for very many miles. I'm glad they didn't DQ Jesse, not like they were really going to anyway but I don't like how he got more time. The Gas monkey guys were right, biker build off jesse james vs occ Jr even mentioned it Best waterproof mountain bike gloves the extra time does is allow iames maybe a color change or quick cosmetic stuff.

But if biild know your getting extra time say from the get go Say for the guy who whined and got the extension for himself, just saying.

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It wasn't said directly but it was alluded to by Jr. Congrats for making all your parts, but if you can't make them in 6 weeks then its pretty stupid to not get a vendor for it.

I mean that's piss poor from a management standpoint.

News:Spray it on, touch the heavy dirt with a sponge, hose if off and you're done in Why not pick another high-dollar custom like a Jesse James or OCC bike that.

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