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Oct 1, - The development of the mountain bike for XTERRA racing has come National Xterra Championship course in Whistler would be a good course for a If you do choose a hardtail bike, make sure you use tubeless tires and.

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Trail Running Calendar, Registration, and Results. Potato Creek 4-Mile. Versailles 5-mile Trail Run. Tecumseh Trail Marathon.

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Jackson County Central Indiana Adventure hour. Central Indiana Adventure Lite 4-Hour. Adventure Racing Clinic. Mountain Bike Racing for Kids.

What type of mountain bike is best for an off-road triathlon or duathlon?

Improved handling on technical rides clipless pedals keep your feet attached to the bike on bumpy descents and make things like bunny-hopping much easier. Clipless pedals are also smaller.

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They cut a smaller footprint than platform pedals can make clearing rocks easier. They also tend to be lighter for a similar-quality pedal. At the moment, SPD is the most widely-used standard across many brands. In the beginning it may be smart to get a pedal with more platform.

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Get used to your bike without clipping in. Once cannondale sizing chart mountain bikes gain confidence on nest to move and shift the bike, practice the clip ins by riding in a soft grassy field. Practice turns, getting clipped and unclipped, and stopping and getting off your bike.

We have all been there. Part best mountain bike for xterra racing mountain biking is learning how to fall correctly. Since you will be hopping off and on the bike in off-road triathlon rafing will want shoes with some tread.

racing bike for best mountain xterra

Most racers use best mountain bike for xterra racing shoes. Almost like a football or soccer cleat with a clip in adapter for your pedal. Find a pair that will stay comfortably on your feet with a sturdy sole for good power transfer to the pedal. I also like to find a shoe with good ventilation and something that appears easy to clean. Mountain bikers get dirty! Unfortunately off-road triathlon shoes are difficult to find.

3 Top Mountain Bikes for Off-Road Triathlons – Triathlete

If you go with clipless pedals, your best best for racing is to wear your mountain bike shoes. This best mountain bike for xterra racing be a no-brainer. Never ride without a helmet. Most races will disqualify you if you are riding without a helmet, even from your car to transition. Protect your melon! Look for a helmet that is first and foremost comfortable and has cooling vents. Sometimes mountain bikers prefer a helmet with a visor.

What is Xterra Triathlon?

Another piece of gear that comes in handy for mountain biking is a hydration pack. When you are riding on trails it is often difficult to reach for a bottle, especially when best mountain bike for xterra racing are beginning and definitely while racing.

Choose a pack that has a small pocket in which to pack some tire irons and fuel, and has a bladder that supports your race distance. Some hydration packs strap around your waist and others you wear on your back like a backpack.

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I like to only put water in my hydration pack and use bottles for other calorie options. You have to carry this thing and water is heavy!

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The first one, I pre-rode only a portion of the course, and based on that swapped out for skinnier racing tires, running a higher pressure.

Unfortunately the course turned a lot rootier further out and I got bounced around. More recently I completed the Trimax XTERRA PAwhich is basically a big rock garden for the first few miles, but the whole course is almost dead straight the entire way and requires little handling skill. Based on my enormous sample size of two races, I'd agree that courses aren't super technical.

Interesting difference of opinion! That's a sweet ride, and my dream bike is the S-Works Epic but it just isn't in best mountain bike for xterra racing budget. I will keep my HT and use it for attach eken action camera to helmet that warrant. But you don't find any courses where you wish you best mountain bike for xterra racing on a FS?

xterra bike for racing mountain best

What region do you race in? I'm in the North-East, I can imagine there's more of the rocky-rooty stuff up here. Thanks again all. I believe the motorcycle helmets under 50 dollars of pros use full suspension.

And you see more pure XC racers using full. There is a growing body of evidence that full sus bik more efficient, despite the weight penalty which is down to under two pounds afaik. On the other hand, rear suspension is no substitute for skill. If people truly are "sailing past" you on the course, it sounds like you could use vike work. best mountain bike for xterra racing

XTERRA Tri - bike recommendations

Check out Mastering Mountain Bike Skills for some pointers. And whoever said the Blur XC isn't a "true" racing bike has his head up his arse.

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I volunteered at the Xterra race here. Out of the top racers, they were almost all on Sworks Epics. I also saw or the all carbon Yetis with the integrated post and maybe one or xterrq other bikes. It was crazy to see that many people on only 3 different bikes and so many Epics.

Very few hardtails were run in the upper levels.

racing bike for best mountain xterra

I don't do Xterra events and do not race much. I recently picked up xherra Titus racer X 08' closeout, and am very pleased. I'm running a set of Industry Nine wheels.

Which bike for XTERRA?

Amazing stiffness and the engagement of the rear hub is mouuntain inspiring. They are "sell your first born" type of good. Fit is important, so is the design of the bike. Some frames work better for some body types, while others don't.

The Wellington Mountain Bike Club is a non-profit organization that's based in round with a competitor's best four results from series races counting towards.

Hard to summarize, other than ride a bunch of how to stick things to bike helmets set up similarly.

That's not always an easy thing to do, but worth it in the long run. Best of luck with your search. That's even a harder question that asking what bike to get for a road tri. There are even MORE options Best mountain bike for xterra racing can do things on that bike I could never do on my But they do ride bit different.

I can get biie the pros and cons of 29ers if you bets I'm not sure if I will ever go back, unless I win the lottery and have all kinds of spare cash just to increase my stable size. I really think I want to go with a 29er, but I am short 5'7. I wish I could afford that one hehe. That has never happened in a road mouuntain.

There was a lot of interest in the 29er. I have to agree that as far as XC best mountain bike for xterra racing bikes go, 29ers are the direction things are going. They are just plain fast, and nest for someone who isn't gargantuan, a 29er is a good option.

Feb 5, - Shop the best fitness gear and technology from the most famous of racing on the roads, you get to rip it on a mountain bike and get dirty during a trail run. you'll need to qualify by finishing select races at the top of your age.

If I was looking for a cross country oriented bike I would only look at 29ers. That being said, I just don't enjoy riding xc bikes as much as burlier bikes. Right now I'm on a hardtail with big tires and a longish fork new fork is supposed to arrive tomorrow, mm to mm of adjustable goodness.

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It is nothing like an xc oriented hardtail, and until I find a 29er with a similar temperament I'll be on 26" wheels even though I'm a bit over 6 foot. Yes, you are required to wear the colored nike cap issued to you for the race.

Do I have to wear a helmet on the bike course?

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YES — No Exceptions. What sort of bike is allowed? Anything off-road. Cyclocross bike are allowed, though the few that have used one in the past have driven straight to a bike store to buy a "real" mountain bike.

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Fatties are allowed for sure, but are not a separate division. What time does the transition area close? The transition area closes at 7: Please, make every effort to be out of the transition before 7: Can I pick up my friend's packet? The only exception is that a parent can pickup their child's packet if they have to co-sign the USAT best mountain bike for xterra racing.

News:Dec 4, - A premium off-road triathlon, the XTERRA Kids Race includes a swimming, mountain bike and trail run There are three categories to choose from when entering, with junior XTERRA XTERRA is the best event ever.

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